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9 responses to “RIM and Verizon Announce BlackBerry 9530 Storm”

  1. Danny

    I can’t wait to get a hold of this one. So excited.

    Curious? What is the Quadband GSM for? Is Verizon planning on using AT&T or T-Mobile for voice/data domestic roaming too?

  2. Danny

    I know that, but the US version includes the 850/1900 MHz bands which are used in North America primarily. That’s why I was confused.

  3. Humberto Saabedra

    The GSM/EDGE bands in question are also used in rural Australia and New Zealand as well as in Latin America, just to provide further clarification.

  4. DJ

    Cannot wait until this comes available on the Sprint network — looks like I found an upgrade for by 8830

    Good things are worth waiting for (This device and my simply everything plan? Talk about your win-win)



    This is going to be my first Touch Phone and I am going to enjoy every moment with it, I like the Iphone however I believe in RIM when it comes to PDA’s. The Iphone is great, but Blackberry stole the show along time ago.

  6. Angel

    C’mon Sprint!

  7. April

    Is this phone going to be available for T-Mobile soon?

  8. Breanna

    i Agree It Does To Be Available For T-Mobile