3 responses to “Software Update for AT&T Tilt Released”

  1. Kevin

    Listen, this device sucks. I tried it for several days and I found it to be very ackward. It was bulky and one wonders just how long the slider will function before it breaks. For the money and the portability I like the Curve. Although the phone dejour’s got to be the iphone.You just can’t beat the email & music thing! Anyway that’s my word. Hollatcha!

  2. oopsie

    agree on tilt, am ready to send back, just need a phone first to replace it with…its a very user- unfriendly phone, cant even use it in the sun without bringin g out the keyboard….

  3. Sheila Ware

    I bought this Tilt phone because I could use it on my network (Unicel) in Vermont. After getting it I learned that I can only use it as a telephone and that network access has been locked by AT&T. Does anyone have any helpful tips on unlocking? I’m told here that if I try to jailbreak it, I may lose the ability to use it as a phone. HELP.