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5 responses to “Samsung Alias2 U750 for Verizon Revealed”

  1. David

    Will Sprint ever get this phone? If this phone was a sprint phone with qchat I would loose my mind over it. why cant’t sprint get this phone.

  2. matt

    i really want to get this phone if any one gets to know the price of it judt email me!!!!

  3. Eileen

    Just played with this phone at Verizon tonight and I love it. Have to wait to tomorrow to purchase it, but I’ll be there when the store opens! I believe the price is $130 with a $50 rebate.

  4. clbiz38

    This Phone is so cool I bought it off of ebay just now for 260 and with a two year contract its only like 80 I can’t wait to get it!! YAAYY

  5. Joanna

    I just got this phone Saturday and LOOVE it. I did pay $130 but will get a $50 rebate (w/2 year contract).

    I love how it looks like a mini-laptop when you open it sideways and use the qwerty keypad.