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2 responses to “Samsung and Sprint Jointly Announce Samsung m350 Seek”

  1. The Fart

    I don’t see how the Samsung Seek/M350 can be considered a replacement to their Exclaim/M550 when the Seek doesn’t have video capability and is only 1xRTT. I personally see the Samsung Seek as an entry level QWERTY sliding keyboard targeting tweens/teenagers/young adults/those who want a touch screen device yet don’t care about 3G data access.

  2. JJ

    Sprint rep said this phone is evdo capable and on their site it states “3g speeds where available”. This phonenews article doesn’t mention anything about the speed capabilities. If this phone is in fact evdo capable then its a great price. I’m getting this for my wife if its evdo. I guess we’ll see when I try it out.