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4 responses to “Samsung Conquer 4G Revealed By Samsung”

  1. wang

    Sorry but first Sprint device capable of Cdma 800 RANT is da EVO 3D

  2. EP

    Actually, I believe the very FIRST phone from Sprint with CDMA800 SMR support was the Samsung Trender.

  3. F1

    “….taken a severe hit in recent months”

    That is putting it mildly, the following link is an example of 80%, of my experience since late March on the SPRINT 3G Network,

    After 13.5 years, of which the last year and a half was off contract, once again I signed up with Airtouch/VZW last night, picking up likely the Charge LTE, or the iPhone 4 this afternoon.
    I’m sick and tiered of not receiving calls, late (by 16hrs) Voicemail or (by 12hrs) Text on any given day, paying $35 per ESN swap of Refurb garbage, only to come back 4-6 weeks later, for another exchange or charge “since it is past the thirty days now”, SPRINT says “you have a great Plan don’t change it, but if you want another “Smartphone”, you got to drop your Plan first” !!!

    Ciao & Arrivederci

    Thank You

  4. EP

    Yay! Another F1 Sprint rant. At least this one quasi germane. I’m glad that you’ve found something that you feel will work for you. Perhaps you’ll be a bit happier from now on.

    You’re Welcome