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3 responses to “Samsung Developing Signal Loss Update for Samsung Epic 4G Touch”

  1. John Stamos

    It has nothing to do with spotty coverage area…it can happen in the middle of a metropolitan area with perfect service. I’m assuming this was a feeble attempt to gain website traffic by claiming to have received a response from top folks within Sprint and/or Samsung. I call BS 🙂

  2. Dave

    Thats not really a nice thing to say!

  3. Jeremy

    This was reported by us (the first to do so) last week, and I reported this to Sprint initially back in the middle of September. It has nothing to do with spotty signal coverage as it can happen when using an Airave as well. It has to do with the modem on the device. Sprint is working on an update, but those with the leaked update from Sprint to this user still get Loss-of-Service (LOS). Samsung has a shoddy history with CDMA Android devices and signal issues (Moment, Intercept, Nexus S 4G, Epic 4G and now the Epic 4G Touch) so this is par for the course.