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2 responses to “Samsung Epic 4G Update Rolling Out, Enables Media Hub Support”

  1. Don Louie

    They should roll this out for all the mid to high end Sammys, Instinct in particular.

  2. Christopher Price

    I strongly suspect the sun has set on Instinct. We previously covered the potential for Instinct to act as a proprietary OS with AU-MIC.

    That has come to fruition with Samsung’s Bada platform, which really is a rebuild of the AU-MIC vision. However, Instinct never really got these Korea-articulated platforms, and was stuck with a mess of Java and BREW.

    Could Samsung Hub emerge on an Instinct powered by Bada? Sure, but I suspect the Instinct brand will be retired. It was mostly a market failure in wooing over the entry-level-iPhone customer base.