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143 responses to “Samsung Finesse, Motorola QA30 Hint and QA4 Evoke Confirmed for MetroPCS (Updated)”

  1. MetroPCS bringing Motorola QA30 Hint, QA4 Evoke, and Samsung Finesse

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  2. MetroPCS bringing out Motorola QA30 Hint, QA4 Evoke, and Samsung Finesse |

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  3. simple3

    i thought the r810 had AWS band support?

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    The first version of the R810 is a rebranded Delve with no changes. The second version approved will have AWS when it launches around May/June.

  5. bottomline

    Is there a possibility that the Motorola QA4 Evoke will be launched by Sprint as well ? Or is it strictly a Metropcs phone ?

  6. chloe

    I have photos for the New Samsung Finesse For Metro PCS.
    It comes out early April!

    I am so excited for the New Finesse to come out, Its a touchscreen,has an mp3 player,2.0 megapixel camera,ability to record, and also play videos. can store up to 16gb (external memory)
    HTML internet, Full color wide screen, touch QWERTY board!

    I think MetroPCS users will Definitely be happy about this, since its High-tech and you can use ALL the features Metro has to offer. 😀

  7. jeovani

    the Samsung Finesse is going to be AWS. all of samsung phones that comes out for metro will be AWS for now on

  8. sam

    The Samsung Finesse is going to be on March 31.. And the Motorola Hint is on April 3. The Motorola Evoke is on April 29.. And there is going to be a Samsung r420 that i have no seen yet is on May 8… This is for sure because i work for Metro pcs in Boston..

  9. vale

    i work for metro pcs and i heard the samsung finesse in coming out april 1, and i heard the stores are not going to carry the blackberry curve because it is to expensive..only best buy will have it!! do you kno if its true?
    and do you kno the price for the samsung???

  10. metropcsguy

    Looking forward to the Finesse! Little scared of the evoke, recently tested them in the market where I work and they all have been returned to motorola for further development. Seems there was some issue. As far as the BB, seems its not a dead lock yet. There are only 10,000 available in the entire company and the warranty exchange issue may be a problem for customers with the handset… Not sure what kind of backlash will occur from this.

  11. h

    will the Samsung Finesse have a full keyboard like the HTC Touch PRO?

  12. Erica

    the samsung finesse has already come out on the Metro PCS website, so does anyone know when the Motorola hint will come out because its not on the website.

  13. Javier


    It will be out next Monday or Tuesday


  14. phil andy graves

    I just got the Finesse today, March 30th. The retailer said it was just released right before I walked in. Are they precharged, or should I let it sit on the charger overnight? Or is this the type of phone that you should run down as much as possible?

    Also, let’s say I want to download some apps or mp3s, whatever. For instance I know google has some interesting apps. Can I just download them to the phone then run them?

    It’s just really awesome to have two samsung phones that use the same charger. Yay. Unfortunately the other one is on Alltel. Hopefully the service area is good enough where I live to go full Metro at some point, until I need a SAT phone of course.

  15. stephanie

    im really excited metro pcs is coming out with these new phones!! i even requested them after the survey they offer in there website. i maily requested the moto hint.. im going to buy it the day it comes out. Yay..

  16. Erica


    where did you find out when the motorola hint was going to be coming out, and do you know how much its gonna cost?

  17. javier


    It will cost $249.00 retail.. I have 3 people who works for metro pcs.. Also
    Humberto wrote about it this same column..

  18. Javier

    Part 2, Erica

    When I said Monday or Tuesday I mean it will be on the metro pcs website .. stores will maybe get them on weds or thursday…. My friend got the finesse on tuesday afternoon and the other person still has not got it yet.
    I got to play with it for a little while. kool phone but I think you will like the hint better…

  19. phil andy graves

    Just to let everyone know, you can’t do youtube on the Finesse – MetroPCS has locked it out (even though you’re paying for “unlimited” web – ahem).

  20. kevin

    If you can’t use youtube on the Finesse then is there any way to unlock it or upgrade the software to get it running?

  21. phil andy graves

    yes, it’s a lengthy workaround. set up a playlist of youtube vids and download them. convert them to mp4 and throw them on micro sd’s or upload them to memory. if you want good fullscreen the dimensions are 240×400.

    the other workaround is a webvid site that uses mp4’s. anyone know one?

  22. Erica



    Erica 🙂

  23. kevin

    hey quick question..will the finesse support microsdhc or do you have to get a card that is just microsd????

  24. abcyesn

    The Finesse is also equipped with metroNavigator, which wiil give audible turn-by-turn driving directions, easy-to-read maps and the actual feelings of going site, for a change. It also has a local search feature so anyone can find points of interest as well as movies and events going on in his area. With mail@metro, anyone can easily access some of his favorite Email accounts and set his phone to alert him when new emails are received.

    Found a fans site for the Finesse, let’s help each other with the phone at

  25. Susan

    Guess you guys were wrong.. still no Hint on MetroPCS. =(

  26. Javier


    Its not a matter of who’s right or wrong. its a matter of the Corp changing dates.. I just called my guy also
    and what he was told is that its pushed back another week or so do to the great sales of the new Samsung
    phone.. They do not want to lose sales just like any other company.. so they are just riding the samsung a little
    longer… Also here is another one for you.. The new evoke is SUPPOSE to be out of the 24th of this month..
    But if the sales of the hint go well also it might be push back also.. They look at numbers every day ..
    But do not get sad .. its almost here…… 🙂

  27. CC

    I need to confirm if its true about the Metropcs Blackberry web issue.I am finally getting ready to purchase one but I had a friend that bought it the first week it came out and returned it because she said the web and email was working only when it wanted to so she turned it in for a new one and the other new one was having problems too. Is it a software problem with the metro Blackberry? She finally switched to another carrier and got herself the blackberry pearl and she is happy now. I dont want to leave Metro because i simply love the unlimited everything and especially on a Blackberry but after what I heard, I dont know??? Is anyone else having problems with their Metro Blackberry? I would like to know….Thanks

  28. ms.k

    I have had my BB for about 3 weeks now and love it, I dont have any problems with my email. I will say that I have to learn how to use the phone. I have always had a regular phone w/out all the applications, so it is taking me sometime to learn everything so I can us everything on there. My brother has the same phone on sprint and says he is getting ripped off becasue my phone does the same thing his does. With all that being said I think it was a good buy.

  29. CC

    Thank Ms K for that reply about your BB, I will be buying and enjoying mine this weekend….



  31. paul

    hey plz tell me exactly when Samsung Finesse comes out? like is it already out?

  32. jake

    i want to know the same Question as Paul.

  33. CC

    The samsung finesse is already out and as a matter of fact they even have it for sale online for Best buy …

  34. CC

    To answer la nina bonitas question….i read that you can even use a stylus to manuever around on the touch screen so i guess your fingernail would work too..but normally these touch screens have body heat sensor types and detects the warmth of the finger that makes it work…but you can try…and let me know…

  35. paul

    Thanks CC

  36. javier

    The Hint just came out on Metro’s website.. like I said before $249.00 and stores will get them by Monday..


  37. CC

    To verify on the Samsung Finesse…I just bought mine and it does work without using your even brings a small stylus to use…

  38. DEFcon5


  39. bottomline

    Thats what I want to know, when does the motorola evoke come out ?

  40. CC

    In May…..

  41. bottomline

    I read somewhere that the motorola evoke was going to be launched by cricket and “not” metropcs ?? Is there any truth to that ? Or is it definitely going to launch with metropcs ?

  42. javier

    The Evoke was dropped today by metro pcs.. not alot of details have come out yet…

  43. anne

    i have the finesse. you cant play youtube on it. it has a nice web browser but its a little slow. you can download from free ringtone websites. i have a good one and the ringers sound nice. it comes with a stylus, usb plug, charger, phone, battery and back cover and a fancy box. it has manuals to. i am taking mine back for the hint cause i love youtube gospel channels and i told the clerk thats one of the main reasons i want it, we all make mistakes.

  44. kevin

    hey anne I have the finesse also and was wondering what free website you went to, to get the free ringtones from? and how did you save it on your phone? thanks

  45. bottomline

    Why would they(metropcs) drop the motorola evoke ? I can see metropcs delaying the launch, but cancel ?? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Can anyone confirm that ? Or is it just a rumor ?

  46. CC

    That is true about the finesse that it cant go to utube. I used to go to and download free ringtones for my other phones that i used to have but have not tried with this new one so for those of you who have the finesse, try it . i will try it myself and keep you updated….

  47. CC

    You cant download ringtones from with the samsung finesse, sorry…somehow every samsung phone that i have had, does not work with that site.

  48. Benz1

    does anyone know if you can use yhe finesse or curve on the $45 plan or its just the $50 plan???

  49. Heather

    I can download from funformoble i got like 8 ringtones from them today…I just cant find the hole where the stylus should be any help ??I had to upgrade to the $50 plan today when i bought mine far i love mine !!!

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