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143 responses to “Samsung Finesse, Motorola QA30 Hint and QA4 Evoke Confirmed for MetroPCS (Updated)”

  1. CC

    It true that you can download ringtones from, the trick is that when you go to the website, click ringtones, and when it takes you there….it takes you all the way to the left of the website and it looks blank, scroll to the right of it and you find the ringtones there waiting for you… answer heathers question??? there is no compartment for the stylus on the finesse itself… answer benzl, you can only use the smartphones on the 50 dollar plans…

  2. joseph

    There is no way that metro is going to drop the evoke…I refuse to believe that. That’s going to be a cash cow. a touch screen that still has a keypad is all i’ve been waiting for.

  3. alexito

    So am trying to get the evoke some 1 said it droped already. Were? i dont see in ther site……or when is it 4sure the release date……help me out i want that phone asap….

  4. Lo

    im with joseph and alexito was the evoke really canned?? thts the one phone ive been waitin for since reading this a lil ways back….

  5. Javier


    I just bought my Hint this morning. and the Corp metro rep did confirmed to me that the Evoke (HAS) been
    cancelled due to alot of system issues.. no update on what will replace it..

  6. MetroPCS Cancels Motorola Evoke QA4 Launch |

    […] Cricket & Leap, EV-DO, MetroPCS, Motorola, Software Platforms Multiple sources have confirmed to that MetroPCS has canceled plans to launch the Motorola Evoke QA4 […]

  7. joseph

    This is absolutely horrible…I was going crazy over that phone. This is truly saddening. lol

  8. benz1

    that is truely stupid. they need to get more phones and better ones. like the evoke. but now they canceled it so many ppl are going to be mad

  9. Whatever

    BB Curve is not out all all MPCS markets because it does not support AWS.

  10. alexito

    OOO MEN am reallly mad ……i want that evoke now am gona have to settle with the finasse …dam no you tube dat sukz…..thanks for letting us know.

  11. CC

    does anyone know when they will be coming out with the blackberry that supports all metropcs markets? AWS?

  12. alexito

    well guys i went in to a metro store near my job in pembroke pines an luckly the store manager is a kool dude he confirmed the the evoke is delayed for software issues an should drop in two weeks o so…so if you live in south florida 4 sure we gona get the evoke … so excited …….if you have time go in one of your local metro store an ask……ill keep you posted thanks



  14. Rowchell

    hello everyone i was reading everybodys replys, and not to many of you had to much to say about the motorola QA30 or the hint. i got one friday and i have been trying to download free ringtones. i went to fun for mobile but they only let you listen to them there but you cant save them. if anyone knows of another free site i can goto or if anyone knows how to save ringtones on fun for mobile please let me know. think you

  15. mely000 where can i get free ringtones for the finesse and the motorola hint qa30.
    Also, how lonq can you record the videos on the samsunq finesse??

  16. anne

    the website for free ringtones wallpaper and jokes is just turn it to a wap in the browser. i use that site for my finesse and its awesome. i havent did video recording yet.

  17. Marilyn Bloch

    Does the Finesse from Metro get television as some of the television stations are on the e-mail list I thought. I wanted to get a sound card with a laptop as I had once but my credit rating is too poor and they refused to issue me one.
    So I thought the Finesse would do all the things the laptop does except type out letters and manuscripts.
    Marilyn Bloch

  18. mely000

    hey does the motorola qa30 hint have youtube for metro pcs

  19. XG Design

    Where can I get a good reviews of the Hint for Metro pcs? I am trying to buy one of the phone but it is really hard to compare them. I do not care much about being touch screen if the phone is more powerful application wise. Is the Finnesse posible to jail break? any tutorial yet?

  20. mely000

    Still Needa find out
    How Lonqq the video recordinq iz on the finesse??

    Any Help Please!!

  21. im84

    I am having an issue with my computer pulling up my Samsung Finesse. I can’t seem to find the hardware. I have Vista, I checked my Computer Icon, but it is not there. And it isn’t showing up when I plug in the USB cord at first. Anybody have the same issue.

  22. benz1

    to im84. i have the messager and i am having the same problem. first make sure your phone’s PC connection is set to USB mass storage. Also try formatting your memory card first. I had to take my phone to the metro service center and the replaced it because it was a problem with the phone.

  23. Jen

    Hey I just got the Samsung Finesse and I can’t play any videos from the internet even file types 3G2 and MP4 it won’t even let me download them. Is there a particular site I can go to to play and/or download the videos? I went to funformobile and ringtones are fine but when it goes to video screen it says unsupported file type and the videos you record on the phone are 3G2 so I am not getting it. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong or is the Finesse just not able to do that?

  24. mely000

    does the hint have project playlist???

  25. im84

    To benz1 thank you so much, all I had to do was format the new card I just bought. I am downloading my music now. Thank you soooo much!

  26. Ashley


  27. GEGE


  28. Joe

    I just bought the motorola hint qa30 and when I get an email into my email account, my phone doesn’t register it or alert me… come? If I log into my email- the email is there, but my phones not alerting me that someone emailed me.

    Can anyone answer this question. If you could, could you send a response to


  29. GEGE


  30. Glenn Rebenstorf

    The iPhone is able to play YouTube videos. Does anyone know if the Samsung Finesse will have this capacity as well?

  31. CC

    I thank you Ashley…I was the one who mentioned funformobile here hoping to help everyone get ringtones and more…………

  32. kelli

    Jen on April 24th, 2009, 7:21 am Hey I just got the Samsung Finesse and I can’t play any videos from the internet even file types 3G2 and MP4 it won’t even let me download them. Is there a particular site I can go to to play and/or download the videos? I went to funformobile and ringtones are fine but when it goes to video screen it says unsupported file type and the videos you record on the phone are 3G2 so I am not getting it. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong or is the Finesse just not able to do that?

    *** Yes you can download videos, full songs, ringtones, but to save videos you have to go into your settings then to Memory Manager then to Save Options (3.) then change videos to Card and save changes *** Hope this works for ya, i Just got my Finesse yesterday, bought my oldest son one last week for his Graduation (that’s what he wanted), he has alllllll kinds of stuff already loaded on his…. i also know the longer you wait to buy the more goodies you get with it, next week they will come with cases, but i couldnt wait lol

  33. CC

    hi kelli, i have a finesse and i changed my settings for video to save on card following your advice and still can’t play any videos…doesn’t seem to work…oh well…but thanks anyways….

  34. Jen

    Kelli my settings were already like that when I went to go check them and all I keep getting when I try to play is unsupported file or when I try to download it starts to load then stops and does nothing else. Looked for an option to save or do something other that but I saw nothing so I have no idea why mine won’t work. What website are you going to? Thanks Kelli

  35. William

    I think the samsung finesses is the biggest rip-off. You pay over $350.00 for a phone and can’t even watch you tube or any other videos? Biggest waste of my money. I plan to return mine . You should be ashamed for even coming out with this.

  36. alex

    I just purchased a samsung finesse, i am having a lot of trouble uploading pics from my computer to my phone, and apparently you cant upload music from itunes into the finesse. can anyone give me some tips?

  37. Nyla

    Someone at least acknowledge the comments from people who want information about the damn Hint!
    This thing is driving me nuts.
    Okay, yes, we’ve all established, the finesse can freakin go on the joke site funforwhatever, but WHAT ABOUTT HE HINT?
    My crappy a** wap browser on my old crappy Lingo, could go to [one of the BEST free ringtone sites around…has REAL songs. Not joke songs.], but this awesome phone with an awesome HTML browser, can’t download free ringtones!
    and when i put them as attachments and send them to my phone as MMS, the register on the phone in SIZE, but there is nothing there! WTF

    Seriously, could anyone TRY to help us with this problem?
    If i sound like a bitch, it’s because i’m pissed off.
    I want my ringtones back again.
    And so yea, it’s frustrating when you guys keep ignoring people who ask about the Hint.
    But yea, this will probably be ignored too, because no one probably freaking knows!
    Damn Motorola….>_<

  38. ygarcia

    Hi Alex,
    I purchased the Finesse and the only way to add songs from my pc was to add it to the memory card. I had to purchase a USB adapter for the micro sd. I was able like everyone else to download from Hope this helps.

    However, I still can not download any videos. I even tried downloading straight into my Micro SD and it did not work.

    Also, the Mail@Metro does not work for Yahoo Mail either.

    I think they are selling it purely for looks!!!

    If anyone out there can help me out, please let me know.
    Thanks 🙂

  39. William

    Our questions will never be answered, because they don’t care about the customers who are buying their overpriced phones that are worthless.

  40. William

    Is there any metro pcs phones that allow you to play You Tube?

  41. bianca!

    to nyla…when u download the ringtone u want press on the options bar n then click on save items then u should be able to save it to ur phone

  42. rowchell

    nyla i feel ya pain i miss haveing ringtones too. what i ended up have to do was just useing a friends phone that could download ringtones and then just sending them to my phone becouse i tried everything and you just cant download ringtones from any where with this phone. i feel like its such a rip off i should have just went with my frist mind and got the damn razer. and for bianca when you do that you still cant save the ringtone when you do it like that becouse when you do it tells you that there nothing there to save the only good thing about this phone is that it takes good pics the camra is real nice i got a lotta pics of my kids to put on my computer

  43. ben

    i have the Hint too, does anyone know y whenever i try to watch a video on it will start to load for a while then say operation failed? i used to watch music vids all the time on my old razr n it worked just fine but it wont work on the this

  44. ben

    oh n the site i watched the music vids on was since youtube didnt work on it

  45. dree

    Okay so I would like to know how to get ringtones for my hint as well…and previous rowchell how does someone else send me ringtones

  46. CC

    Did you guys see the new phone coming for metro pcs? just check out There is a new Huawei M750 phone and it looks like another touchscreen. Does not say much about it because it was just released from the FCC, but it does display the metropcs logo on the case so for those of you looking for another touchscreen…there you go…

  47. Rey

    CC you are correct the Huawei M750 will be release soon, no date yet placed but the phone is being release in place of the Motorola Evoke, which still has too many system problems and was dropped officialy (inside info from corporate offices). The Huawei M750 is a touch screen slider phone that also has a QWERTY Keyboard when you slide it out to the left like the Samsung Messenger from MetroPCS/Cricket. The down fall is that it has a 1.3 megapixel camera and all the features from the specs are a step lower from the Finesse. Availability is unknown yet. There is alway a hold back period between such strong phones to assure that MetroPCS gets the most sale’s from the release time of each phone and there is no clash of interest in phones and prices per features, expecially the more expensive ones like the finesse and the BB (the BB is Best buy only, since they have a 3 month contract with MetroPCS that only allows Best Buy to sell it for three months before all other MetroPCS authorized dealer get it in July 09′ and can sell it)

    Now in reference of the Finesse, yes the phone came out and there are limited features that can be accessed on the phone since it uses BREW , instead of JAVA.With this being said most games, and apps are written in JAVA and can’t be loaded on to the phone (yes it sucks), but i got one and honestly this phone will be MetroPCS’s “never stop giving cash cow”, since all the apps.,vidoes and other feature we thought it came with are being worked on and being release one by one at a certain cost, making a business out of the finesse buyers that want more for the phones. The phone has many hidden capabilities that MetroPCS doesn’t want you to know since I spoke to Samsung directly and they told me that most of the features we thought that came with the phone were requested to Samsung by MetroPCS to have locked away, that way when MetroPCS & Samsung work together they can sell you the software and apps for this phone to support the features and apps. you desire and could custom your phon to your likeing….in other words this phone is very basic just right now but was created with the potential to be infinite and rival the iPhone but with due time (i don’t know that time frame, its all corporate decisions still in question)…so for all those who got a bit disappointed by the no youtube or those features and want to return it….are crazy! If were a bit patient then this phone will start to build up….but if your an inpatient consumer and gotta have it all NOW kinda thing…then go get an iPhone honestly and pay the high monthly bills and limited mins. they offer (my sacrastic opinion). See this is where MetroPCS gets you with a great looking over promising phone which builds up a lot of Hype and gets consumers in the “I GOT HAVE IT OR I’LL DIE” metality and then when we get it its not what we all expected and either accept it or return it. I Love my Finesse and I’m patient since everytime I check @metro there is more new stuff being added little by little (mind you the empty selection for “Metro Featured Apps!”) and I know I will have a better phone with time as software and apps. are readily available for purchase and download from MetroPCS(at “Metro Featured Apps!”). Most people who are returning the phone now and this phone starts building up with those features will cry later when its either doubled in price or to hard to get anywhere locally or unavailable at all, with a sense of regret (This is my speculation on the future outcome only, since this happens a lot).

    So hold on to your Finesse! Its the begining to an amazing Smartphone with due time! I don’t know about the other phones, except if you want to know more on the Finesse go and join for free: which is a forum from finesse consumers like us.

    Good Luck and Happy momments with your Finesse!

  48. Lisa

    I just bought to Motorola Hint. I downloaded ring tones off my computer and transferred onto my SD card. Be sure to put them in your Sounds folder. Then go into multimedia app pull up ringtone and sounds. Next click My Sounds toggle down to the sound you want click on Set as button. Then just decide if you want it as a default ringtone, contact ringtone or alert ringtone. You can also do the same thing to down load music for your music player. Just make sure you put the songs in the music folder. I hope this helps.

  49. KC

    My finesse doesnt allow me to upload mp3s for the fact that i dont have memory because of the mission impossible movies that it came with.. i deleted the movies and they are back again.. is there a way i can permanetly delete them for good?

    What can I do to upload the mp3s into my phone??? Is there a specific format they are supposed to be saved in?

  50. aj

    hey does anyone know if you already have a plan with metropcs does the original price still stand or do you get a discount