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22 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for Straight Talk Ushers in New Verizon Agreement”

  1. Christopher Price

    5 Home Screens. Wow. Amazing feature.

  2. Voodoohippie

    I’ve advertised on my amateur Internet Progressive Rock,Classic Rock station’s website under Mobile Options that customers of Straight Talk can listen to The Legacy using an AT&T compatible SIM card or an unlocked GSM phone with an AT&T SIM. My listeners want to be able to listen to my station streaming at 32K AAC+ or 64K Mp3 while in their car in areas where regular Radio is shackled to Top 40 and Rap. This could be a celling point for Straight Talk as many folks are tired of the high cost of a contract phone. I’ll have to look into this one for sure.

  3. Straight Talk to offer Verizon-powered Samsung Galaxy Proclaim - Prepaid Reviews Blog | Prepaid Reviews

    […]’s Humberto Saabedra provides additional details. “StraightTalk reps have been quoted as saying that the Proclaim will feature a 4GB monthly data allotment compared to Verizon’s own 1GB plan.” The 4GB number seem to also be high compared to Straight Talk’s allotment with Sprint phones, which seems to be around 2GB per month and 100MB per day. Keep in mind, however, that none of the above numbers is official; every one is based on rumor. […]

  4. Tyraa

    I currently have verizons prepaid coverage…IT IS AMAZING its never dissatisfied me once. I ALWAYS have signal and NEVER drop calls and the internet is REALLY fast.. This fone will be perfect on verizons network. Im switching to this fone and the only reason im switching is because i need a new fone and my bill is more than what straight talk charges so thats the only reason why im switching. I feel horrible for stopping my account with verizon but i need to be economical as well :/

  5. Kristen

    I would like to know more about the texting feature.. Is it difficult to text on??

  6. john

    I’ve had straight talk for over a year. I use verizon towers & get perfect service. I pay $30 a month, yes you read that right $30. My wife talks a little more than I do (hard to believe), so she uses the $45 per month card. We both love the reception we get. She has been wanting a smartphone to use the apps, so may look into this one.

  7. Eric

    I see this phone has cdma on the front of the box, so will it be able to play youtube videos on my verizon towers ? I was told by st that the phones needed gsm format to play youtube videos..

  8. Jusin

    I just got this phone. And i am very pleased with it. Internet is pretty fast. Easy to text on. Loud speaker. Has a 2gb chip that comes with it for all ur music and pics. So worth the 180$. If you want a cheap pre paid plan. And want a smartphone. Buy this. Thats all i can say. 🙂

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    […] operators who piggy back on just one network. Anyway, this week they’re launching a new phone: the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. It has a 3.5 inch 480 x 320 pixel display, 1 GHz processor, and a 3 megapixel camera. All that […]

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    […] who piggy back on just one network. Anyway, this week they’re launching a new phone: the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. It has a 3.5 inch 480 x 320 pixel display, 1 GHz processor, and a 3 megapixel camera. All that […]

  11. Straight Talk launches the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

    […] who piggy back on just one network. Anyway, this week they’re launching a new phone: the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. It has a 3.5 inch 480 x 320 pixel display, 1 GHz processor, and a 3 megapixel camera. All that […]

  12. Helen

    Justin, Since you have purchased this phone, what do you really like about this phone and what do you dislike? I am considering buying this phone or the ZTE Merit. Thanks for any info you can give to help me make my decision. Thanks

    1. Fresh

      I bought the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim phone, at the time it was FREE with FREE overnight FedEx shipping, it’s the only phone from Straight Talk that uses the Verizon network as so I am told. So 3G is very fast and the best most reliable network there is! Cannot go wrong with this, they now are offering it free for a reconditioned phone or you can by on eBay for under $40.00 and hook it up to Straight Talk. I am very satisfied! I used to have Verizon with a mere 450 Minutes and 30MB web per month and I was paying over $109.00 after taxes and all, Crazy! so I switched to Striaght Talk, so I now get a lot more for a lot less, Unlimited “EVERYTHING” for $45.00, after taxes, $48.15! Per Month! Can’t beat that at all! What a deal, I now save $65.00 a month for the same Service Provider, but I get unlimited everything!!! Effin Awesome!

      1. Johnny Piazza

        Wow, Fresh, you really can write a great story/blog! I envy you! Kudos to you and your awesome reviews!


        1. Jenny Z.

          Damn, Johnny you are so right, that Fresh guy sure can write very well! i am an English major and he is spot on! I love you Fresh! Fresh, we are both in North Jersey, so please Call me 973-867-5309.

          Love Jenny from the Block!

  13. tyraa

    Ive had this fone for a bit over 2 weeks i ordered it 2 days after it came out and i absolutely love it!!! Best damn fone ive ever had!! And it does run on verizon!

  14. Helen

    Which is the best phone: Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, ZTE Merit, or the Galaxy Nexus?

  15. needab68

    i was a straight talk user but dropped them and went to verizon because of covarage areas with smatphones. now i’m glad to here that straighttalk has a verizon using smartphone for the area i live. Hello, PROCLAIM. i’m on my way to happiness.

  16. 1stStr8TalkPhone

    This was my first prepaid smart phone experience. Now this review is coming from someone who has always been a apple person since my first phone. Due to some unfortunate events I was no longer able to afford my iPhone through AT&T but being the technology junky that I am I refused to go to a “dumb” phone so opted to try out straight talk and went with this choice. First, I have to say if it is phone customization you are after then Droid is for you. Personally, after going with droid and giving it a chance i will not go to anything else! Now as far as this particular phone. Pros (I do not the correct computer lingo) but I feel it is very easy to use, the internet service is surprisingly fast and on wifi it is very fast. The swype feature is awesome so convenient and the word replacement on droid is awesome, no more damnyouautocorrect entries. I feel the phone came with good apps or widgets per installed. The download speed was very prompt. I have had no problems with the phone crashing, however I have been using some social apps like Facebook etc.. And I did get some error mssgs and I downloaded a app called wattpad and it will not work but that could be the apps issue. Now for cons, my biggest con is the battery life I probably should have read reviews before I decided to go with this one the battery is horrible but I have been experimenting with it pretty regularly. I did download a app killer so hopefully that will help a little. I have also noticed that if you let the battery get to anything below 15% it seems to take a really long time to get recharged. Another con is no flash. Not so much for the pictures but for the flash light apps I used that on my iPhone all of the time. I also agree when previous posts I have read, that the keyboard is very small I mostly use it horizontally or either the swype option. All and all for the money I have invested and the money I will save with the $45 a month unlimited data i am a pleased customer. Also, when I purchased the phone they offered me s 1 1/2 year warranty plan that covers damage, theft, etc, and the salesman also stated that if it is damaged and I come to replace and they have a newer model they will credit my $179 to a new upgrade. So, if you decide to go with this phone I strongly suggest you opt to add the warranty. I hope this review was helpful…

  17. darrell

    go with procliam way better read the reviews I like mine first smart and adroid phone and for $45.00

  18. Lizzie

    Gallxy Proclaim has a battery problem. It will not stay charged over night when turned off, not powered down. I can only talk for about 30 mins before the battery is dead. What can I do to improve this? I have turned off all things that un necessary.

  19. KC

    I have just ordered the Proclaim. It is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. This will be my first “smart phone” and first touch screen, I am used to having a slide out qwerty keyboard for texting, etc. Is this an easy phone to learn to use? I would like like to use it for email, FB, and of course calls and texting. Most of the comments I have read about this phone is positive, except for battery life. I ordered the accessorie kit so I will have a car charger as well as the home charger, so I hope this helps me deal with the battery ordeal. Please give me any tips, or advice about using this phone and did I make a good decision for my first “smart phone”. Thank you in advance. KC