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7 responses to “Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab II Revealed Ahead of MWC”

  1. Linda Wyatt

    Hi Humberto! You know, when the first Galaxy Tab came out I thought I finally hit paydirt. I was looking forward to having a substantial unit ( I could find in my purse) with everything I need, phone, camera, internet, music. Even at the whopping price I could finally be high tech and streamlined instead of juggling and carrying around a 100 pounds of equipment, everything would be in one place. Then as the world got this baby, they decided to mess with the US and take out the phone. That killed it for me. I spoke to Sprint about it and they said well, you can use skype and get a phone to go with it. What? For that price I can get a netbook. So, I ended up going back to my old phone with the big buttons that at least sends and receives calls, is protected by a flip front and I’ll wait until somebody figures out how to put everything into one place like a tablet with a phone, like Galaxy was supposed to be. sigh…

  2. JailBird

    “24Mbps HSPA+”…

    So in other words, no Sprint version for a while :(.

  3. Concerned

    Does this mean the original galaxy S phones could be getting a boost to android 2.3?!?!?!? Fingers crosses, because we definitely need the new software to keep up.

  4. JailBird

    Oh, I’m sure AT&T, Vzw, & T-Mo will all announce them. Sprint is too busy trying to hype the Echo up :).

  5. Linda Wyatt

    Thank you for the additional info Humberto; great reporting! I look forward to more phone news and info from you here. We’ll just have to see what happens but ultimately we never really know until release.