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6 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab to Sprint in November?”

  1. F1

    Poor Camera specs, too bad SKIFF is officially dead before arrival, and yet, just four months ago it looked so promising!


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  2. JJ

    I just saw the specs and it looks promising. Don’t know how the camera makes this device bad. Most people are going to be using this to take daily pictures of their vacation or special event. Most people have a dedicated camera. Plus the link you have doesn’t work so I am going off by actual video that works and this device has my vote. This is nothing compared to the skiff.
    My question is can you get this without having a contract or needing service from sprint? I would just like to use like the non 3g ipad and just tether or use wifi when I need internet. I will just use my 4g phone to tether. Hope more details are released soon. If it is cheaper than the ipad and doesn’t require sprint service then I will be buying this over the ipad. Lets hope gaming is as good on this as the ipad.

  3. F1

    Sadly News Corp has removed the previous message since their take over of Skiff, hence the new message on this link, I don’t know if you remember the Skiff which was destined for SPRINT, here is a refresher info-link:

    In addition to above link, here is a copy of a recent “eBookvine” article, if true it would really sad:


    Skiff Reader: Dead or Alive?
    Posted by eBookvine on June 16, 2010

    The News Corp has acquired Hearst Corp’s Skiff – the e-reading platform designed to deliver premium journalism to tablets, smartphones, e- readers and netbooks. However, it’s being discussed that the News Corp didn’t acquire the Skiff ereader. It is reported that “the deal includes an associated download service for delivering paid content to the Skiff itself, or other devices ranging from smartphones to netbooks”. Separately, News Corp said today that it had also made significant investment in Online Journalism LLC, a start-up vanture working to unleash online revenue from newspapers, magazines and other online-only publishers of content. Jon Miller, Chief Digital Officer, News Corporation said

    Today’s developments underscore News Corporation’s ongoing commitment to create strong business models that support journalism at a time of great change in our industry. Both Skiff and Journalism Online serve as key building blocks in our strategy to transform the publishing industry and ensure consumers will have continued access to the highest quality journalism.

    It’s not clear what does this mean for the Skiff reader which didn’t debut in the market yet. Hearst was interested in Skiff reader to deliver the newspaper and magazine content in good-looking format on its 11.5″ screen. The lack of any device in the market for such content delivery stirred up people in the media when Hearst announced the reader. Apparently they have shown tow different prototypes – both share the eInk display, but one is back and white and the other is color. However, after the release of iPad by Apple things have changed. Now people are much more skeptical about such device.

    However, I still feel that iPad can’t save the newspapers or magazines with such a big price tag. For mass adoption of a device that can display such content the price should be minimal or free, and content providers should only charge for content, not both. Moreover, how many devices people will carry for content. People are already carrying mobile phones. Some people carry Laptop with them. Amazon and B&N want us to carry their devices to read ebooks. Apple wants us to carry iPad for multiple media. It seems that all such devices are not replacing any other devices, or making some devices obsolete.


    Regarding the camera option, I carry a Canon SD 780, the last and smallest real viewfinder 12MP camera, since the Palm Pro 850 is useless !!
    Btw, I realize that most people don’t demand much, however in my opinion, today an 8MP camera would not constitute a “state of the art” device, hence my displeasure with the low specs on the Samsung Galaxy Tab camera, however, I hope it meets your requirements.

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  4. F1

    “if true, it would be really sad:”

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  5. Don Louie

    Who cares about that e-reader? Will this have WiMax? That is the topic, your welcome

  6. F1