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4 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Pricing and Launch Confirmed”

  1. Thomas Prevett

    HSPA/EDGE data ? Typo?

  2. jim

    LOL yeah, I was thinking the same thing. How can it do HSPA/GSM w/o a cellular radio in it?

  3. igor

    Where can I buy this? And in your opinion, should I buy it now or is there a chance it could go down to 299$ anytime soon? I’d love to get a deal on this.

  4. Igor

    i skipped over this WIFI edition as I recently found out that it does NOT contain the Cortex A8 Hummingbird and has been replaced by a TI OMAP SoC processor, as well as the lower power graphix chip of x530, as compared to the x540 model found on all of the carrier models. It also appears to not have BT 3.0, instead replaced with BT 2.1. I am disappointed, to say the least, as many reports simply think this is the Samsung rebranded without GSM/CDMA carrier modem. But it is not. The original Samsung Galaxy Tab could run full 1080p .mkv at it (the galaxy with carrier designation or unlocked version). This WIFI tab can’t even do 720p all the time. Look for model # P1000 (the carrier version) as opposed to #P1010 (wifi version). Truly a disappointment, Samsung.