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6 responses to “Samsung Instinct M810 and New LG Lotus/Rumor 2 Colors Launch on April 19th, BlackBerry Curve Backordered (Updated)”

  1. sean

    the curve is back ordered because their updating the inventory to OS 4.5

  2. Jeff

    Instinct… funny.

  3. jay

    to clarify, the new rumor colors are actually the two launch colors for the rumor 2. this can be seen in the picture from engadget if you look closely.

  4. kent

    i agree with jay, it is for the rumor2, not a relaunch. you can’t see the 2 very well in this picture but in the original it clearly states rumor2.

  5. Don Louie

    I don’t think the S30 should cost as much as the original if it’s not as fast and doesn’t come with the same amenities

  6. Emma

    I can’t decide, which is better, lg lotus or lg rumor 2