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5 responses to “Samsung: No GSM/CDMA Voice Calling in US Galaxy Tab”

  1. jim

    Yes indeedy. American corporate greed to protect sales of smartphone data feature upsells, works very well with cheap American consumerism that is perfectly fine with de-featured units in order to avoid voice plan upsells. Too bad the standard reference platform the rest of the world gets has to be US-crippled like this. May be just fine with everybody else, but not with me. Yuck. No phone, no sale.

  2. JJ

    As long as the wifi version is lower than the ipad it doesn’t bother me. Whats the big deal anyway, you can’t use the ipad as a phone unless you use a voip service. At least I think thats true. All I need is a tab with wifi so I can tether with my evo. If it costs more than $250 it is not worth it. I’d rather by a netbook instead.

  3. Steven Goldfein

    JJ: The difference is that this device would allow me to carry it instead of a phone and a tablet. I like the idea of it being able to also be a phone. We seem to get shorted by our carriers at every turn. The FM Radio in the Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2 are one example. This is another. I wish the FCC would require all carriers to use some sort of a sim chip, thus allowing for the use of any phone on any carrier just by changing the sim chip. This would open the flood gates and the prices of cell phones would drop rapidly like the prices of other electronics like laptops.

  4. Todd Heath

    I guess I’ll have to get the Dell Streak now. The phone capability was the only reason I was interested in it.

  5. tim lanfair

    I cannot, cannot believe that there is no voice calling on this thing, OMG what a rip off, why would I want this thing? samsungs teaser has calling, any review ive seen has calling, but now,,, ooops no calling. I hate corperate america. the fact that they cannot let consumors control there own destiny in what device they want is draconian to me.

    i was really excited until the big let down today, when i called sprint directly and they said,, nOPe, and oh no unlimited opion and oh,, 60 bucks for 5 gigs,, wtf. i guess they dont wanna sell tablets is my guess.