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5 responses to “Samsung SPH-M930 Revealed for Boost Mobile”

  1. akku dell

    I was considering to change another phone, because it was too heavy, hardware bad. But mainly because the battery power too fast. Thanks to share, you give me a good choice

  2. tiny

    I would definitely stick to the triumph offered by VM this phone doesn’t even compare. I mean come on 2 mp camera makes no sense to have flash if your pic quality is going to be that crappy. The only good things about the phone is 2.3 and the 1ghz processor. Would be surprise if boost mobile asks for more than $150

  3. HouCo

    I really like it. Can’t wait to get this. I hope the camera is a 5pix or more.

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    I love the Phone. I don’t like a touch screen, so the slider is prefect for me.