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5 responses to “Samsung Transform Revealed”

  1. AaronJ

    Some details here:
    QWERTY, wifi, low end camera.

  2. MR

    Moment 2?

  3. Don Louie

    I would love for Sprint and Samsung to keep the Instinct line alive. Love my HD but it could be better.

  4. jen

    i want to keep my instinct i want to upgrade to the hd one and i would love to have android 2.2 on it but i dont think that will ever happen. what phone should i get next…. def not the transform i am not even looking forward to selling it at radio shack. no reviews have been good on this phone…. the epic is super sweet but i dont wanna pay the price

  5. Creighton

    @jen whats wrong with the Transform? I just got it & so far so good! def a step up from the Samsung Moment. The cameras are good with flash. Great keyboard, wifi etc and not too big like the Epic. It’s def Sprint’s Best current midrange Android!