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20 responses to “Simple Mobile Announces New Service Plans”

  1. JJ

    Will this work with a jailbroken iphone?

  2. Christopher Price

    It should… runs on T-Mobile’s network. The only issue you might have is configuring the data settings. You might need to make your own carrier settings bundle.

  3. Christopher Price

    Keep in mind though that T-Mobile (which runs Simple Mobile’s network) is not compatible with iPhone 3G bands… it will fall back to 2G GSM/EDGE on Simple Mobile, as it does on T-Mobile.

  4. cc

    Greetings to all….as far as the service? has anyone tried it with the alcatel phones? it seems to be the only phones they have there….

  5. Frank

    I used to have t-mobile and switched over to Simple about a week ago. They helped set up my phone (I have an unlocked dash) and now it works great and the coverage is the same as it was under t-mobile. So far I am pretty happy with them, the only problem was getting my data set up which took 3 calls to them but they were pretty helpful. I even ported my old phone number. If you are currently using t-mobile there is no reason not to switch except you lose the roaming (which I don’t use since I am on the east coast which t-mobile has pretty much covered). I don’t know for AT&T but the prices are good and the reception is comprable to my old provider.

  6. sasha

    I want this service with a tmobile bold but i dnt want to waste money if it does not work right? help lol

  7. Carl

    I got simple mobil on my sidekick lx 09 but the Internet doesn’t work.. Can someone help me please?

  8. Rodney

    How do I get simple mobil? call me at 614 216 5410. Before july4. My number time will then terminate. Or email me

  9. mika

    I just got the simple mobile last week on my motorola l6i phone,my internet does not work,and I cant get pic messages.I called customer service the first time and they said they would text me the instructions its been 4 days no text and now I call back customer service 8 times it tells me please hold and gives me a busy signal. Can someone please help?

  10. Christopher Price

    Mika, what APN settings are you trying to use?

    If you don’t know what an APN is, I would suggest buying a supported handset from Simple Mobile. Configuring data settings for the first time on a GSM phone can be a painful process. While I’d normally try to walk you through it, I don’t have Simple Mobile’s configuration data.

    You might want to call Simple Mobile technical support and see if they can walk you through APN configuration.

  11. Alexiz

    If you’re trying to figure out how to make your internet work on your phone and have simple mobile go to … Its a simple mobile support page.. And they have a list of the main brands and instructions on how to make it work …. 🙂

  12. Richard Konsky

    The Simple Mobile networks works great on the iphone but the internet is pretty slow because the simple mobile network is connected to T-Mobile, the iphone must be unlocked for any gsm sim card if you don’t have and iphone that is unlocked then you can download unlock/jailbreaking software from the internet for free the application you will need on your iphone is cydia or the unlocking process will not work. and if you get all of this working on the iphone then you can get internet on your computer for free if you brought the unlimited call/text and web on the simple mobile plan.

  13. Johnny

    I recently switched over to Simple and bought an iPhone. I tried syncing it with my iTunes and I received this message after an update,

    “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported. Only compatible SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported Carrier’s store to receive a replacement SIM card.”

    The phone locked on me so all I’m able to do is make emergency calls. I wasn’t told if I couldn’t sync it or upload music or anything. Any help please?

  14. ALEXIS


    You probably have to get the phone unlocked again , you should be fine with syncing with Itunes you just cant update, everytime u update ur phone it locks back up

  15. Jay

    I switched to Simple Mobile on 8/29/2010, I have a Blackberry Bold 9700. I can’t get web or e-mail, can anyone help! I may have to switch to Metro PCS!


  16. mindy

    can someone give me the address where i can purchace a simple mobile.

  17. joe

    I have a tmobile g1 and everything work grate but on some web sites there’s a lock on the address bar can someone help me

  18. philly joe

    i have an iphone 3g jailbroke/unlocked for some reason the simple mobile bar will pop up and we i go to make a call it goes to no service any help with this any1 please im going crazy
    …………………………….thanks phily joe

  19. jose

    tengo un g1 pero no metrabaja el facebook ni mi coreo k es hotmail dice k no reconose la tarjeta sim

  20. Kelly

    Just switched over from tmobile to simple mobile. Took me a minute to set up the web. but so far so good. still have to give it some time. if you are having trouble setting up the web go to gives you instructions on how to set it up.