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3 responses to “Simple Mobile Purchased By TracFone Parent America Movil”

  1. B Roberts

    Compliment time! I check in daily to a couple of sites focusing on the cellular industry, and while there have been articles on all about the purchase of Simple Mobile, this is the first I’ve seen, to report that America Movil also purchased the 30% stake owned by T-Mo. Also the 1st mention I’ve seen regarding the RIM implications as well as StraightTalk’s 1st smartphone on Verizon’s network. Great to read a well researched and complete article, thank you.
    Seems like Tracfone will be moving from strength to strength with a varied parcel of features and products at some of the best prices around.

  2. Brian du Pont

    Black Berry going onto Tracfone’s network – it’s about time I’d say! And there’s BB languishing in the American market, what better way to re-introduce a budget smart phone to the market, than make it available on the cheapest prepaid option in the states (nationwide). Also, if Black Berry was to make inroads into the regular prepaid market like kids, the free messanging service Black Berry offers will most certainly haul in a ton of new subscribers.