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11 responses to “Simple Mobile Unleashes $40 Unlimited Everything Plan – Industry Fallout Inside”

  1. Vi

    I love it, who will buy contracts though?

  2. Simple Mobile Unleashes $40 Unlimited Everything Plan – Industry Fallout Inside | All About HiTech News

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  3. sj

    i guess you have to figure out if this really is a good deal by taking the full price cost of the phone (which can be $300-800 or more) and seeing if that over 24 months gives you saving. Im also reluctant to sign on with these small carriers that are unproven, could disappear tomorrow, and have very limited customer support services and no local stores .

    If I had a phone Id take them up on the 40 plan just to have unlimited calling and texting – forget the web. But if I have to pay $300 for a phone for an untested carrier that might be gone tomorrow, Im less likely to do that. I have a 2.5 year old tmob phone that I prob could get unlocked but it will probably die soon and doesn’t have any web access

  4. Ryan

    sj: In my experience, I was able to use a simple mobile SIM card in regular T-Mobile phones even if they are not unlocked… YMMV, but just my experience.

  5. Xansfer

    Well, this does change things a little. No longer is Straight talk, Tracfone’s ‘heavy user’ subsidiary the cheapest in the country – Simple Mobile…who? But it’s great that there are more and more prepaid options entering the market (a pity about only being able to draw from a few major carrier’s networks). SM must be praying for the AT&T, and T-Mobile merger to go through, cause then they’ll have decent coverage also. Till then tracfone is still the most reliable choice.

  6. skyming

    that great, so I can get this sim card with this great plan. Thanks you

  7. Matt

    Just to note, SIMPLE Mobile’s website does not list Iphone as an approved device so no tech support.

  8. AlanHouston

    The article is incorrect about Boost Mobile’s unlimited plan. Current Android customers begin at $50 per month. After six “on-time” payments, their monthly rate is reduced by $5. Those payments are NOT required to be consecutive. So, if a Boost customer pays “on-time” five months in a row, pays late one month, and then pays “on-time”, the reduction comes in month seven.

    However, any customer who adds Android service AFTER October 7 will begin at a monthly rate of $55. That rate will be reduced $5 for six “on-time” payments, down to a minimum of $40 per month. I have been with Boost almost a year, and decided to upgrade to Android last week to retain my current rate, which will drop to $35 per month next June. According to Boost, I will be able to retain that $35 per month rate “forever”, as long as I don’t let my Boost service lapse, which requires going 90 days without paying my bill.

    Wal-Mart’s Straight Talk now has the android Samsung Precedent for just $150 with a $45 a month unlimited plan. Customers paying for 90 days in advance pay a bit under $43 a month. The Precedent will be using the Sprint network, just like Boost Mobile’s Prevail. So, a new Android customer gets a choice of identical android phones, the unlimited use of the Sprint network, but pays $45 for their first month at Straight Talk, compared with $55 for their first month at Boost Mobile.

  9. amart

    I just switched to Simple Mobile plan a couple of weeks ago. They way they do it is that you only get 120Kb data speed, this is slower than 2G. I have tried two different phones and because I travel with my job have checked in several cities. Believe me, it will always be 119 or 120KB data. That’s why they say “up to 3G speeds” I have read several articles about many other people with the same exact result. This should be illegal because NO ONE can ever get 3G speeds. So how can they say “up to 3g speeds”. I would sue them if I had time and energy. It is basically the old $50 a month 2G only plan for $40. They should not be allowed to advertise 3G speed if they limit data to less than 2G speeds full time. Don’t believe me check for yourself.
    Can’t beat the price and I could live with slow internet but they have horrible customer service and tech support as I called many time to find out why data is so slow. Got hung up on several times. I will drop them when my month is up. I suggest no one sign up with them as they are dishonest.
    If they would just say that they lowered the old $50 plan to $40 then that would be okay and would have happy customers. Do a google search for Simple mobile internet speeds and find out more for yourselves.

  10. Billy