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19 responses to “Simple Mobile Unlimited Data Capped at 1GB, Accounts Terminated When Cap Reached”

  1. jim

    Total farce. These corporate shenanigans deserve a full investigation by both state and federal authorities. This data cap schmooz is really getting far out of hand. A totally different and fair national pricing model is called for that all providers of broadband should be held legally accountable for.

  2. Crudman

    I just signed up yesterday

  3. Michael Coonper

    I brought this up when they first announced the plan so this doesn’t surprise me. another thing was is a typical use of the andriod phone per month in data. Here the link of where i brought it up.

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  5. parrott84

    So, this might not be the perfect place to ask this, but I want people’s advice. I need an active sim card to use for phones that I buy and sell. I don’t however need any service (or at least not much.) If I had to use to service I would probably need it for data, but I don’t really need it. WHat is the msot cost effective way for me to do this?

  6. Christopher Price

    Both AT&T and T-Mobile offer pay as you go SIM cards. AT&T will give you one for free when you set up a prepaid account in-store.

  7. Janice

    My Simple Mobile data got cut off 2 weeks ago, then it came back on 2 days ago.

  8. Christopher Price

    Janice, did your bill cycle reset two days ago? It’s possible that the new 1 GB cap is tied to the billing cycle, and that it resets at the start of each month’s service.

  9. Janice

    @Christopher Price: No, my plan doesn’t end until July 31. Simple Mobile is prepaid. I only get sent warnings when I need to re-up for next month.

  10. Michael Coonper

    @ Janice did you hit the 1gb cap limit?

  11. Janice

    @Christopher Price: I did hit the 1 GB limit. Before my data got cut off, I received a few texts from Simple Mobile stating that my data was running up. After that, my data was disconnected (a text was sent stating my data was turned off).

    From July 10-July 26 my data’s been off. When I turned on my phone the next day my data was back on. Simple Mobile didn’t send me any texts saying that my data was turned back on. I own a T-Mobile G1.

  12. Janice

    @Michael Coonper: Oops, the last comment was ment to reply to your’s, not Christopher Price 😀

  13. Michael Coonper


    they might have changed there policy due to the negative publicity its seems everyone is back online that went over there cap.

  14. Janice

    @Michael Coonper: Yea, that’s what I’ve figured.

  15. Michael J Cooper

    well i just signed up friday and its been a nice transition from boost to simple my only problem is i didnt read the instructions for simple and should of called to activate my phone to port so now i cant port my number but oh well. Service is great in the sand springs area of ga. Glad i made the switch!!

  16. Janice

    @Michael J Cooper: That’s great. You should call Simple Mobile customer service and ask if they’ve changed the data limit. I would call them myself, but I have to wait a long time to speak with a customer care representative. Their call service needs to improve.

  17. Michael J Cooper


    They told that me that there isnt a cap limit its abusive there looking at but thats 3 days after incident.

  18. Joe

    Any updates on the 1GB cap? I’m looking to save a little money switching from T-Mobile and I use up quite a bit of data on my Vibrant, but I just don’t want to waste my time and money if there’s a 1GB limit.

  19. Michael

    @Joe on September 14th, 2010, 8:24 am

    Same question I have. Looking to switch from T-Mobile with my Samsung Galaxy-S (Vibrant) which is unlocked.