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11 responses to “Skype Now Available on Android Market, No 3G Access in US”

  1. Chris


    How do we get around that? I’m rooted, as are a lot of people who use this site, I’d suspect. Is there a 3G Unrestrictor type program like I used on jailbroken iPhone?

  2. Ray Carroll

    I still have the original Skype app/apk from before the exclusivity with Verizon Wireless began and the Skype-Fring fallout so e mail me people if you’d like the app as the version I use work’s over 3G as well as WiFi. I can’t say whether or not it will work on the HTC EVO 4G or Samsung Epic 4G seeing that I use a HTC Hero myself. BTW, I installed the new version of Skype and I don’t see a different between it or the older version.

  3. Chris

    Ray, I use a Google Nexus One at AT&T. Can you send me the apk that works over 3G? Just click contact on my site after clicking on my name. I don’t want to put my email on this public comment page (spam harvesters). Thanks.

  4. Ray Carroll

    Chris w/ GNO on at&t, just send the app/apk.

  5. Chris

    Ray, all the Chris’ so far are me. I was asking YOU for the apk that you said you have.

  6. Jason

    Crashes like a bas@@#%$ on my Samsung Intercept.

  7. Edward

    Ray can u please send me the apk, I have a nexus one. email:

    Thanks !

  8. Kabuki Kid

    Definitely does not work on the Intercept. It crashes every time you try to initiate a call.

  9. Ray Carroll

    Chris, I just sent the Skype app/apk to your .net e mail address. LOL! I forgot to hit the receive/send in my Outlook Exchange. Edward, one is being send out to you right now.

  10. Steven Goldfein

    Why do American’s seem to get screwed by our carriers with applications like this?

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