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One response to “Skype Pulls Verizon Mobile App from Android Tablets, Verizon Claims Unauthorized Access (Updated)”

  1. Bryon

    My best friend has an iPhone and he wants to use his Skype more often but he doesn’t know anyone that has a Skype capable smart phone. I’ve had to listen to him hound me for 2 months about getting an iPhone but I was looking for another phone with Skype. I’m very disappointed now that the app isn’t available for the Xoom because it would have been a great addition to my DISH Network employee TV everywhere service I could use with my Sling adapter. I bought the Sling adapter intending to use it with a new smart phone, but now I’m considering the Xoom instead because it works with Sling too. I’ll keep checking to see if the Skype is available if I don’t buy an iPhone and cave into the pressure from my friend.