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5 responses to “Skype Pulls Windows Mobile and Skype Lite Apps Due to Verizon Exclusivity (Updated)”

  1. Antonio Carvalho

    Skype is looking worse by the minute. I’m already trying iCall and Talky on my iPhone. What happens with users who paid for credit to use with their Windows Mobile phones?

    Skype is making itself sink with all this, they are now obviously unreliable. I don’t trust them anymore for anything. I wouldn’t be happy even if I was a Verizon customer because Skype is obviously not caring at all for his customers so it’s not safe at all to do business with them.

    Now it’s the perfect time for Skype VoIP competitors to rise and shine.

  2. Peter Parkes (Skype Blogger)

    The fact that we’ve partnered with Verizon and the fact that we’re withdrawing these apps are related only to the extent that they’re part of our drive towards a better Skype mobile experience.

    And just to be absolutely clear: what we’ve announced is that we’re withdrawing the Windows Mobile and Lite apps from our website. If you already have one of them, you’ll be able to carry on using it.

    Hope that clears things up – please let me know if you have any more questions, and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

  3. Frank Sydenham

    Is anybody developing any software for Windows Mobile Phone any more? The only surprise is that there are not more companies withdrawing from Windows Phone Classic, which will soon be superseded.

    Microsoft announced it is moving to a new platform. It’s only natural that development stops for the old platform. Don’t blame Skype. Blame Microsoft for superseding Windows Mobile.

  4. Christopher Price

    The ball is clearly in Microsoft’s court to quickly dictate an SDK strategy. We don’t know if Windows Phone apps can be ported between the two versions (assuming you write it in .Net CF). Technically, we still don’t even have a 6.5 SDK (remember, MS pulled it after briefly offering it).

    One wonders why a multi-billion dollar company gets away with being only slightly behind iPhone with that kind of tactic.

    Judging by what Adobe said today, that’s doubtful… which reinforces why Microsoft is being so tight-lipped about it.

    All said though, there’s no reason for Skype to remove working software, even if it is discontinued. They can note that they don’t support it anymore, and keep customers happy.