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13 responses to “Sahas Katta Smoked Windows Phone, Microsoft Tells Him to Go Home”

  1. Phoneman

    The Galaxy Nexus ships with Android 4.0 stock so he may not have even had a custom ROM. It sounds like he won fair and square. The people at the store who said he lost were just making up crap.

    There will probably be lines of Galaxy Nexus owners taking that challenge now, armed with video cameras. And as other devices get updated, they’ll be doing the same.

    This contrast probably won’t be around too much longer. I wish they were holding it around here, I’d go win myself a new laptop before it ends.

  2. Tim Cooper

    14 Microsoft stores, at least 10 computers per store (probably no more), times $1000 per computer is only $140,000. Your sensational $4 billion figure shows a lack of basic research.

    I’m curious if you’ve even used a Windows Phone for a week or more…I’ve been rocking an HTC Arrive since the month after its release a year ago (fan boy disclaimer stated upfront).

  3. Spektor

    It’s total consumer fraud. I would sue the living hell out of the store and MS for this. The guy won and then the shopkeeper transparently attempts to change the rules after the fact. Well that’s what consumer fraud is all about. Sheesh. They owe that man a laptop computer.

  4. Christopher Price

    Tim, the issues is each individual has a valid claim to those 10 laptops per store. Hence, the article’s “sensational” numbers are valid arguments.

    We correctly reported that Galaxy Nexus shipped with Android 4. Custom ROMs only were mentioned in the article in reference to what Microsoft may have mistaken Mr. Katta’s phone to have had.

  5. Christopher Price

    And, to be clear, Samsung provided us with a Focus that we used to confirm our reporting above… I have used Windows Phone 7 as my primary device for well over week-long cycles. My opinion of Windows Phone has no relevance to this report, however.

  6. Tim Cooper

    “Tim, the issues is each individual has a valid claim to those 10 laptops per store. Hence, the article’s “sensational” numbers are valid arguments.”

    Each winner gets 10 laptops? Uh, no. From the rules:
    “First Prize: One (1) Hunger Games PC (CWF-00587 HP Folio 13 Special Edition). Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $1,049.00.
    The total Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of all prizes depends upon the number of winners but will be at least ten (10) per store.”

    And I’m glad you’ve tried a WP7 device…figured you would have experienced it in your line of work. However, how has it helped to “confirm our reporting above”?

    And Microsoft has awarded him a laptop, so the issue of his award should be resolved. The publicity around the competition surely isn’t over, but you know what they say about publicity…better to be talked about badly than not talked about at all.

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  8. Joe K

    Tim, you’re not making a whole lot of sense. Chris clearly commented about his WP7 usage at -your- request. What his take on WP is doesn’t seem to matter here. He seems to have said so quite clearly, too. 

    Also, his point on the giveaway liability is fair too. MS may have had only one laptop per store… But each cheated contender has equal rights to claim that laptop as their defrauded loss. MS would have a tough time showing a case against each Galaxy Nexus owner that claimed to have lost, especially if they went to the store that day. 

    Tim, it sounds like your bias is stepping in here not Chris’s.

  9. yosun

    This blog has always been the epitome of bad grammar and slow reporting.

    What happens when you don’t send unknown media publications the newest devices is that they’ll end up misjudging your devices.

  10. yosun

    Addendum: What I love about SkatterTech is that the guy actually uses the word “I.” It’s clear that he’s basically the only one running the blog. Companies grok that, and they understand why there isn’t some dedicated outreach department pounding them for review phones. Stop using the word “we” and acting like you have an army when you don’t.

  11. Craig

    What you talkin’ about Yosun? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Anyways, Christopher and Humberto sure keep taking the heat from the haters. I see lots of sites that deserve the trolling they get, but these guys? Crazy/sad.

    Oh and it doesn’t matter what Windozzzze phone you use… Galaxy Nexus still can beat them in the challenges.

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  13. MyAndroidSmokedAWindowsPhone

    The potential money lost is chump change to a corporation like Microsoft. $4million? That’s like you losing a quarter. The investment is well worth it IF people start transitioning over to windows mobile phones. I like them, but open source is my kicker.