Sony Electronics International CES 2013 Keynote (Completed)

5:00 – Crowds streaming in and getting seated. On a 5 minute delay that may stretch longer.
5:03 – Slideshow of what looks to be a camera being assembled in real-time as the show counts down to start time.
5:07 – Show starts with overly dramatic montage of Sony products. Sony Corp CEO Kaz Hirai arrives on stage
5:09 – Hirai details the advantages of Sony’s electronics business and reiterates the Three Pillar strategy of Digital imaging, Games and Mobile
5:11 – Detailing Sony digital cameras, PS3/Vita and Playstaion Mobile along with Sony Mobile
5:12 – Xperia Z Android smartphone to be unveiled
5:13 – Sony Electronics CEO Phil Molyneux on stage
5:14 – Xperia Z to feature 5-inch display and quad-core processor.
5:17 – 7.9mm body with a 12MP sensor, Sony One Touch powered by NFC, Android 4.2 and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4

Xperia Z5:19 – Accessories being shown off with Sony One Touch support include speakers and a new “pink ball” with NFC
5:20 – New sound bar with 320W of output with Sony One Touch support
5:21 – Personal Content Station, Sony’s take on Personal Network Storage with 1TB of storage and Bravia remote control with Sony One Touch and sharing support
5:22 – TV Side View is Sony’s take on the trend at CES of “second screen” content, with a built-in program guide and search along with remote control functionality
5:24 – New Bravia Triluminos display tech for better color display on Sony products
5:26 –  Sony X headphones design improved from last year’s models
5:29 – CyberShot cameras now share directly to smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi as well as HandyCam models via optional Wi-Fi module
5:31 – Sony to build 4K video capture into consumer cameras soon
5:33 – 55 and 65 inch 4K capable Bravia TVs unveiled with Magnetic Fluid speaker diaphragms for improved sound and 4K upscaler for content
5:35 – 4K video distribution service to be launched this Summer to first-gen 4K televisions. 4K World video montage underway
5:38 – Kaz Hirai back on stage
5:39 – Hirai claiming that Sony being distinct allows them to push 4K with content through Sony Pictures and Digital Cinema Projection
5:40 – Runs down professional 4K hardware and Digital Motion Picture Center
5:41 – Announces future Blu-Ray titles with 4K footage either native or upscaled from masters
5:42: Running down OLED milestones, announces 56-inch 4K OLED prototype TV. Demo crashes out into blue screen and PC input
5:44 – Hirai running down Sony’s goals for the company
5:46 – Another dramatic montage, intersposed with Sony’s mission statement “Be Moved”
5:49 – People are walking out as Sony continues its video montage
5:51 – Well that was short. That’s a wrap, I guess.

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