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10 responses to “Sony Ericsson C905a Cyber-shot Delivers 8.1 Megapixels to North America”

  1. ht

    any reasons attt wireless would scrape it b4 launch

  2. faisal

    i live in bangladesh. a very small country. its in asia. how can i buy this phone? and i can only buy in cash…so where do i have to pay for it ?

  3. CrazyEricsson

    Why would you put UMTS900 on the American version C905a, when America is the only part of the world where UMTS900 is not going to be used!

  4. CrazyEricsson

    But then why would they not have UMTS900 in the European version…

    well it turns out it’s actually the American 1900 MHz 3G, not 900 MHz. SonyEricsson site had wrong information.

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  6. amanda

    i absolutely love this phone i really really want to buy it so if you could email mee info about the phone like pricing and when it is coming out in canada

  7. amanda

    oh and btw have a merry christmas

  8. debbie

    I have read reviews stating durability on this phone as a con. Can you tell be what the duribility problem is. I need to know this phone will hold up. This is alot of money for something that may not last.