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11 responses to “Sony Ericsson Z750a Prepaid Deal Falls to $40, Adds $25 Prepaid Card (Updated, Now $70 with Card or $60 Without)”

  1. Sonic Fan

    That sucks, I just bought one last week. Will AT&T adjust the price on previous orders?

  2. SaltyDawg

    What if you already have a regular (not prepaid) AT&T account? Is there a way to get this without the air card? Or is there a way to apply the air card toward my regular bill?

  3. SaltyDawg

    Dang, looks like all they have are pink and purple…

  4. Krish

    The weird thing about the checkout process is shipping and billing address need to be the same.

  5. Craig

    Ok fellas, fess up–how many of you would roll w/ a Pink or Purple phone. This is a smokin’ deal for 3G, but now I’ve got to explain that purple phone… “Yah, I am Grimace…”

  6. CT

    I believe it’s now showing $69.99 for the package.

  7. Sonic Fan

    Yeah, it’s 69.99 now, that was fast! I didn’t even get off of work in time to adjust the price on my prior order…