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17 responses to “Spectec Says microSD Wi-Fi Card Still Coming… in July”

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  2. Darek

    My girlfriend has a Touch, and I love it, but the only thing preventing me from getting one is lack of WiFi. The only problem I see with this is that it may stick out too far past the MicroSD slot to still fit the battery cover over the top of it. And, of course, it will replace any memory expansion, severely limiting the functionality of the Touch, for me at least. If they released a WiFi card with at least 1G flash memory embedded, then I’d be really interested. We’ll see if it will actually fit in the touch, I’ve got my fingers crossed…

  3. Enrique

    What Darek says is true. I have Spectec MiniSD card for my Moto Q. I have no real problem with it replacing the memory card, but it sticks out of the slot, making it inconvenient to be carried there all the time. Therefore, its use is very topic: put it just when I need it, then take it out.

  4. Mats


    You can also read about it in engadet!!

    hehe.. just kidding 😉

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  6. Heather

    I saw something that looks exactly like this on
    So is this the same one or what?

  7. Miguel Ulloa

    i want knok if the micro wi-fi card work with smartphone pantech duo of att

  8. Miguel Ulloa

    i want know if the micro sd wi-fi card work with black jack ii (samsung i617)

  9. Bob Sanders

    can you use the microsd wifi card with a minisd adapter, so it wont stick out of pda (ie. motorola q9c)?

  10. Bob Sanders

    can you use the microsd wifi card with a minisd adapter, so it wont stick out of the pda device (ie. motorola q9c)?

  11. Bob Sanders

    Has anyone used the microSD to miniSD adapter on the Motorola q9c yet? If so, does that stick out? or can you close the SD door?

  12. Kamesh

    Here check out the latest news,

  13. Jason Mariano

    this is what i have received from my own emails to spectec:

    Hi Jason,
    From my mail of June 16th, I told you the card will be held until June plus another month for certificate, it will be released on Q3. Based on this, the card should be ready on Mid./end Aug. Don’t worry, you are on my list. Once the card is ready, I will revert to you right away. Once again, I appreciate your patience waiting for the world only microSDIO WiFi card #SDW-823.

    B. Regards,

    …..Then at the end of August this is the email I got back again from spectec:

    Hi Jason,
    Thank you for the mail as reminder.
    The microSDIO WiFi card #SDW-823 is still undergo, estimated to be ready by Q3. According to the updated schedule, it is very possibe to release this world only WiFi card around mid. Sep./end Sep. Just for your reference, this WiFi card is at last step for varification. Once done, we will have it for essential certificates applying, then go mass production. So, once again, I will acknowledge you further patience for it.

    By the way, you are on my list. Once the product is ready, I will revert to you right away.

    B. Regards,
    Thelma Wang
    Sales Manager

    ….So now based on the link above provided by Kamesh, spectec plans to further delay release all the way into October now? (and maybe even beyond?)

    Frankly im tired of waiting and getting the run around from spectec (been waiting for half a year now). By the time the micro sd wifi card comes out i’ll
    a) have a new phone that has wifi built in already (aka blackberry bold)
    b) come across an affordable data plan by my phone carrier (aka sale/christmas special) where i dont need a stupid wifi card (and use the slot for sd memory instead!)
    c) buy it from some other company that has only just started to manufacture the micro sd wifi (and they’ll even release it before spectec does!)

    …so folks I too was patiently waiting as the rest of you but have finally gave up on spectec! Good luck to you all!!

  14. stillwaiting

    any update?