Sprint Aborts EVO 4G Update Amid Concerns of Failed Updates

Sprint has informed the media that they have halted the latest EVO 4G update, due to concerns that the update is failing on some devices, resulting in a bricked phone.

The company did note that most users that updated had no issue, but both HTC and Sprint are investigating, and have stopped pushing out the update until the issues have been addressed.

However, the failure is covered under the device’s one year warranty. Users who have had their devices bricked by the update are being directed to their local Sprint Store for a free warranty replacement.

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2 responses to “Sprint Aborts EVO 4G Update Amid Concerns of Failed Updates”

  1. JJ

    Has anyone done the update on their phone since they announced the problems with the “bricking”? Just got the update message on my evo and deciding on updating or not?

  2. ron

    Yes, I updated mine even after the reports. It updated the phone and then prompted me to update it again. So it did update twice, but I have had no issues. It’s working fine.