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7 responses to “Sprint Airave Successor Revealed by FCC”

  1. JJ

    I hope it will be the same price or even free compared to the current airave. If its not then att has them beat even more.

  2. Christopher Price

    I fail to see how AT&T has a better offering with MicroCell than Airave.

    Airave costs nothing to use and offers free voice minutes if you sign up for an optional Airave plan.

    This new Airvana will give Sprint EV-DO over femtocell, matching AT&T’s offering of UMTS data. Combined with a free pricing tier, that pretty much nullifies AT&T’s MicroCell.

  3. JJ

    The reason I say att offers a better option as of now is that the airave only does 1xx not evdo and you have to pay a minimum of $5/month with sprint. With att you only pay for the device and don’t have any monthly fees. That is what I mean by better. Sprint will be better when they release their 3g airvana and take away the monthly fees like att.

  4. Ivan Y

    JJ — I got Airave when it first came out and, by complaining about my poor reception, was able to get it free and get free service (well, a matching discount).

  5. JJ

    I complained too but they only gave me 1 year free and a free airave. I can probably complain again and get it for free again but the point I am trying to make is that att is free right out of the box, there is no need to haggle with them and complain to several representatives.

    I hope that with the new evdo airave sprint will get rid of the $4.99 fee so people don’t have to beg and get on their knees to get a service that should be free. Its not our fault their coverage fails in a lot of buildings. Its like paying sprint for lack of service and your offering them an antenna for better reception. Not only that but they are using your internet connection. Its just ridiculous.

  6. Don Louie

    Is it going to be DOrA or just DOr.0?

  7. Sean John

    Every one should know that if you call sprint and tell them you have no signal and say you pay there monthly cell phone fee they will give you the airave free and also wave the monthly fee. If you want an airave just make sure to ask and tell them that your friend got one free and the fee was waved. They don’t want to lose you as a customer. trust me try it and see. then thank the lord someone is smart LOL. Have fun peace.