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2 responses to “Sprint and Clearwire Among Time Division-LTE Proponents”

  1. jim

    So, LTE would be operating on: 700 MHz, (FD-LTE, ATT, VZW), 1700 MHz (FD-LTE, TMo, Cox?), 2.6 GHz (TD-LTE, SPT, CLW). And with Clearwire wanting to merge WiMax with LTE, now we also have in the mix: CDMA 1700 MHz (Cox), CDMA 800/1900 (VZW, SPT) and Wimax 2.3, 2.5,2.6,3.5 GHz (every body else) this would be one helluva radio chip listening on all those bands and protocols. Especially if it indluded HSPA+ on bands (2100,1900,1700,900, 850 MHz) as a souped up version of Qualcomm’s Gobi chip.

  2. celz

    Sounds like Sprint and Clear are starting with WiMax to get subs since WiMax was ready first and then switching to LTE once it matures past WiMax.. The Canadian CDMA carriers just made the switch to GSM, it seems because all Canada was getting was old American CDMA phones.. A WiMax to LTE switch would be alot easier and less expensive than a CDMA to GSM