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3 responses to “Sprint and Clearwire Confirm December 1st NYC/LA WiMax Launch, “Late December” for SF”

  1. EP

    Actually, this press release from Clearwire states November 1st for NYC, not December 1st:

  2. F1

    At last “Los Angeles”, the last Month of the last Quarter of 2010, it better work, without any further excuses!

    On a different note, both direct lines to “Tier II” and “Retention” have been disconnected, not speaking of the SPRINT “District Manager’s direct Cell number” that one died over a month ago, good thing this is the “phone company” we are talking about, and yet in their attempt to minimize service feedback, they have shut down access numbers at every level but “*2” !

    Thank You

  3. Don Louie

    Honestly, who needs to call C.S. so much that a direct line is needed? The thanking jet is looking for stuff to complain about. Heck, because of the plan change she/he wasn’t getting a 4G phone anyway.