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One response to “Sprint Announces $60 Monthly Unlimited Plan For Individuals (Updated)”

  1. Jerry

    The unlimited throttling isn’t a shocker – this is how Sprint bills their postpay plans as unlimited-for-life… They bear the same limitation:

    “Usage Limitations: Other plans may receive prioritized bandwidth availability”

    It’s becoming clear that Sprint has a three tiered system, much like American healthcare is shaping up to be:

    1) People paying (through the nose) for metered data
    2a) Sprint unlimited data postpay
    2b) Sprint prepaid unlimited data customers (these may be on the same level as postpay)
    3) MVNO prepaid

    It’s not clear where 2b slots really… it could be in the same boat as Virgin/Boost/Ting and it could be higher. Sprint sure isn’t going to say, and probably is miffed you’re even bringing this to everyone’s attention.