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8 responses to “Sprint Announces Fall Lineup at CTIA”

  1. Dan

    Thanks for the update, Ive been waiting to hear a sprint upcoming phones update for a while! Unfortunately Ive been dying for a new phone to look forward to and this lineup sucks ***. Is there anything else or is this it till 2009? Thanks guys for keeping up such a great site!

  2. omegah

    WOW i do love all these phones…
    With the diamond and pro coming also this line up kicks but

    Go sprint

  3. Don Louie

    This is a more than decent lineup, compared to the rest of the of what they needs at least they are DOr0 and can access all that they needs, besides ptt

  4. cj

    WOW YAY GO SPRINT!! youre #1!!!

  5. Don Louie

    I wouldn’t go that far, if these phones signal the end of 1rxtt phones all the better. I wanted the Rumor but didn’t want to loose capabilities, the Rant is the perfect solution

  6. Bottomline

    Actually, just found out the touch diamond has some minor glitches that are being addressed before the launch(sep 14th).

  7. Don Louie

    2 more days for the Diamond, what’s the ETA for the rest of them?

  8. Bottomline

    Apparently, everything went according to plan in regards to the htc touch diamond launch. Also, nice selection of phones sprint is coming out with as well. Although, at&t seems to be doing well also with their new offerings. But to repeat what someone said previously, “GO SPRINT, U R # 1” !