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8 responses to “Sprint Announces Forthcoming Nexus One Support and Launch”

  1. Jesse

    Woot Woot!!!

  2. JJ

    Now that is what I am talking about !!!! First the supersonic and now the nexxus. Now the everything plan is even more worth it with these phones in their lineup.

  3. F1

    I wonder if I could buy the unlocked SPRINT version from google at $529 (the price of freedom lol) and activated on my FF 700 plan?

    Thank You

  4. Christopher Price

    Sprint has not said which plans they will allow Nexus One to be activated on. This is uncharted territory for Sprint; it’s the first Sprint-capable phone that is going to be sold at full retail without involvement from Sprint in the sales process.

    Since subsidized devices will likely only be offered on Everything plans, I wouldn’t be surprised if (full retail) Nexus One bears the same Everything Plan restriction. Meaning, the cheapest plan you’ll probably be able to activate it on, is Sprint Relay Data Only.

  5. jaybird

    only makes sense to put this phone on an everything plan, the main problem with all of the other plans is that most people would be adding on things and then getting charged for others and the problems that it caused with care and sales support was a nightmare. People dont understand that their rate plans can be retired at any time and are only valid for the life of the contract, once that is over, the carrier has no obligation to offer you the same plan 2 years later when you want to change devices. All of this plan BS will be going away in the future with 4G and new devices coming online. I would not be surprised when Clear launches their phones in late 2010 if you see an unlimited data/voice plan in the $70 range for unlimited everything….let the games begin….

  6. SaltyDawg

    Man it really is too bad this phone doesn’t have a keyboard. I just can’t seriously consider any phone that doesn’t have a keyboard.

    Hopefully there is a new version with a keyboard before I need to buy a new phone.

  7. F1


    I agree with you,a candy-bar like the Palm Pro 850, would have been my prefered form factor

    Best Wishes for Google,

    I consider Google as one of most innovative products ever created, it’s contribution to mankind’s knowledge access, is to me like an “electronic Gutenberg’s” second coming,
    however as it is beginning it’s second decade of existence, it is clearly experiencing growing pains, which sadly given the size of the company, are also size appropriate, one could devide the issues into two time categories:

    1. The Immediate future, i.e not exactly a stellar start for “Nexus one”, given the initial sales issues, refund policy debacle, Apple vs HTC, now screen issues on the AT&T version and above all, selecting a name for the flagship, which is questioned by some other company via court, demonstrates at the very least a somewhat rushed, half cooked product line.

    2. Potential long-term market share losses, by the immenant withdrawal out of potentialy the world’s largest consumer market, that being China, speculation is surrounding some pending decision.

    I hope that the first group of issues just translates into a rough start, and issues get ironed out with the passing of minimal amount of time, let us also hope the China issue could be a temporary cultural/ideological issue, otherwise it would be a shame, that is for both, the chinese people’s lack of access to free information & knowledge and Google’s market share loss, even though it still at an embryonic stage and hence only has a very minute amount of the chinese market share.

    For the record I do not own any Google stocks or products as of now, I still see the most long-term market share potential with Android, that being for both low end and tec-savvy end consumers.

    I also admire Apple for pioneering the iPhone and by default the look alike generation, because it works aesthetically and internally, except for the obvious Network choice, and I understand Steve Job’s iron fist policies of long-term quality control, but I also very much respect Eric Schmidt, I wish these to would put their differences behind, but sadly that does not seem to be likely anytime soon.

    Thank You

  8. Duker

    I think this signifies the end of Palm and the first real competition for the iPhone. Put this on 4G and forget about it!!!