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10 responses to “Sprint Announces HTC EVO 3D For This Summer”

  1. Nanfy

    PLease Sprint DO NOT force US on ANOTHER plan change. Simply everything plus the 10 dollar data fee is enough. Please don’t add a new “3D” or other monthly fee to use this phone. It seems every year when a new flaghship phone is out, there is another forced plan change required to use the device.

  2. bottomline

    Have no fear, there wont be any more additional charges(I hope)!

  3. JJ

    I just saw different pictures of this phone and it is sweet looking. Only thing wrong with it is that they removed the kickstand. I wish they would have left it just like on the thunderbolt. This phone will be my next phone. But not until they root it. I love my rooted evo and will not get a phone until that option is available.

  4. Phoneman

    I wonder why they removed the kickstand? That is a pretty strange thing for them to do. I wish they would have left the kickstand.

  5. Igor

    there will be a case with a kickstand

  6. JJ

    So this will have the new htc sense that can be backed up the htc website i hope. I thought the evo htc sense was supposed to be updated. Oh well. I guess you just have to upgrade.

  7. MR

    “awww I wish there was a kickstand” “I’m not getting it if there isn’t a kickstand” “why would they leave out the kickstand I don’t get it”

    God do you hear yourselves? Are you guys this insanely picky about everything? So lets forget the dual core 1.2Ghz processor. Lets ignore the whole 3D thing I’ve never even heard from in a phone. Ignore the Gingerbread thing. Lets concentrate on whats important here.


    and I doubt they’ll up the price plans, if anything, they’re probably going to have to do something better with pricing to compete.

  8. Phoneman

    @ MR

    I use my kickstand all the time. If I have to sacrifice a feature I use all the time, it makes me want to consider other options.

  9. MR

    riiiiiiight…because all those “other options” automatically come with a kickstand, right? so that makes sense.

    all you guys do is complain its crazy. ignore everything good about the phone, just find SOMETHING to complain about.

  10. Phoneman

    @ MR

    Maybe ALL of those other options don’t come with a kickstand, but some of them do. And the ones that don’t have other things that the Evo 3D does not.

    The Thunderbolt has a kickstand, plus blazing fast LTE data. The Atrix doesn’t have a kickstand, but it does have those awesome docks.

    The Evo 3D doesn’t have a kickstand, but it does have 3D. So now I have to ask myself, do I care more about the kickstand, or 3D? Do I care more about those docks on the Atrix, or the 3D? Do I want to just keep my current Evo and not pay full retail for a new device that doesn’t have a feature that I use every day on my current Evo?

    I am not ignoring everything good about the Evo 3D. I am just pointing out that it is missing a key feature that I and a lot of others do care about. And everything good about the Evo 3D can be found in plenty of other devices, which also have lots of other features the Evo 3D does not. Well, everything except the QHD 3D screen and dual cameras, which a lot of people don’t even care about.

    The only one looking for “SOMETHING to complain about” here is you. We obviously don’t want to lose the features we use all the time so we are voicing our opinions on the matter. You are simply complaining about us not acting like sheep. You should go get an iPhone. Their customers seem to accept missing features without much complaining, so you would fit right in.