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6 responses to “Sprint Announces HTC Evo Shift 4G”

  1. Manny

    I definitley want to get this. Im looking for a great CDMA PHONE that i can flash to metropcs.

  2. chaya

    is there a downside to this phone as compared to the Evo?

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  4. JJ

    The only downside compared to evo is no front facing camera and a smaller scree size. Other than that this phone has a faster processor and slide out keyboard and hopefully a better camera even though its 5mp. Like the one on the epic. If its the same camera with less mp this phone is not going to cut it for a lot of people that wanted an upgrade.

  5. AndroidFan

    Other than the keyboard, this phone by no means an upgrade. Its running the latest HTC Sense UI, which is nice, but then again most HTC devices will likely get this anyway. And even with the dedicated keyboard, the EVO is large enough in landscape to allow for regular typing for most. As far as faster processor, it is not dual core and its a lower cpu speed.. This in of itself does not mean its faster because its a different chipset. There is just too much of a cpu speed difference. I really wished this would have been the next big thing from Sprint.

  6. Nanfy


    the 800 mhz 2nd generation snapdragon CPU found in this device along with the G2 blows away the 1st generation 1ghz snapdragon processor found in the EVO. On top of that, its Adreno GPU also blows away the 1st gen GPU in the evo.

    Look all over the web for benchmarks.

    Its been more than a decade know that pure numbers for mhz doesn’t give the whole picture.