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5 responses to “Sprint Announces HTC EVO View 4G Android Tablet”

  1. Caroline Fairfax

    No GSM voice communication capability? Why not?

  2. EP

    Most likely because Sprint isn’t a GSM carrier.

  3. Brian

    And because this is a tablet, not a phone.

  4. Phoneman

    This will be one of the weaker tablets on the market when it’s released. They should have put in a dual core Tegra 2, and launched it with Gingerbread.

    When this launches, the more powerful Xoom will be out, the Galaxy Tab 2 will be out (thinner than the iPad too), and the Blackberry Playbook will be out (rumored to run Android apps). Not to mention the HP Touchpad, and the slew of tablets that were announced at CES this year.

    HTC missed the boat with this one. If you are going to release a tablet in this day and age, it better either be cheap or be powerful.

  5. Christopher Price

    It’s designed to be more affordable, think $99 with contract affordable at some point. This is not designed to be the ultimate tablet, this is designed to be the 4G tablet that anyone who can afford the service… can afford to get.