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6 responses to “Sprint Announces Kyocera Echo for April 17th at $199.99”

  1. Nanfy


    The fact that the unit comes with 2 batteries means it has a dismal battery life.

  2. DP

    Crazy idea, but why don’t you let it release or dare I say, actually try using the device before declaring it a “POS”…

  3. Larry

    I don’t see how one can call this a “flagship” smartphone when it doesn’t have 4G.

  4. bottomline

    I agree with with DP! How the hell do u(or anyone) know if this device is a POS???!!! For Christs’ sake, it hasnt been released yet!!! Granted, its not 4G capable but cant we atleast wait until the damn thing is out before condemning it??! Or does that make too much sense for u people?!

  5. Christopher

    @Nanfy: the original Instinct came with 2 batteries and after an update or two, you no longer needed the extra one. Hell, the Instinct S30 didn’t even come with the extra battery.

  6. acdc1a

    I love this idea. We’ll see how it plays out in practice. I sure wouldn’t condemn it before trying it.