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6 responses to “Sprint Announces LG Rumor2, Confirms Sunday Launch”

  1. Mustang46L

    That is a launch for Telesales and online. Retail launch will be April.

  2. Mustang46L

    Oh right, and being that it still isn’t EV-DO, who cares?

  3. Boz

    My wife has the original rumor and doesn’t care that it doesn’t do EV-DO. She only makes calls and sends text messages. She doesn’t even have a data plan. Not everybody cares about super-fast data access.

  4. Mustang46L

    Yes, I know. And not everyone knows what it can do for them. For instance it would just be nice to have EV-DO for downloading software updates or sending picture mail.

    But at this point the Rumor 2 really isn’t an upgrade to the original.

  5. sopasesos

    “The device is unchanged from our previous reporting” if by unchanged you mean 1.3mp camera instead of 2.0. still not clear whether this phone is EV-DO or 1xRTT. the fact sheet makes mention of NFL mobile live audio and video, but all the images show the “Vision” download/upload arrows, not “Power Vision.”

  6. latinoartielange

    sprint. another shitty little phone. give me the touch pro2 and dont make me do that everything plan bs like the palm pre. i did the math im better off buying the phone off ebay than getting a new contract with features i dont want. DONT BE LIKE AT&T! give people affordable cell phone plans.