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6 responses to “Sprint Announces Lotus Elite and Rumor Touch”

  1. JJ

    Will any of these phones require an everything plan?

  2. Don Louie

    I doubt it, still waiting on their Android and WinMo WiMax announcement. Those will require Everything

  3. F1

    Happy 2010 Gentlemen!

    So far they have only required the “Everything Plans” on Smartphones of the WebOS and Android variety, and not on the WM or dumb-phones. I guess WM is considered a dumb-phone of

    Thank You

  4. Christopher Price

    Actually, the Touch Pro 2 partly did. SERO plan holders are denied upgrades and sometimes activations for the device. It is expected all future Windows Mobile devices will require an Everything Plan on the consumer side.

  5. F1

    Just to clarify,

    I do not have a SERO account, furthermore I failed to site that I was offered the BB Tour, one caveat though was that SPRINT could not gurantee a fallback on my current Data plans, in case I was unhappy with the BB Tour, hence I would run the risk of having to either stay with BB or drop my F&F 700 for an E.P., which I opted against.

    I was offered the HTC Touch PRO 2, at $179 with no changes to my Fair & Flexible 700 Plan, under the condition that I would restart my contract, this took place last month.

    Thank You

  6. Don Louie

    I’m starting to like that Rumor Touch, if it’s the right price I wouldn’t mind having that as a backup