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5 responses to “Sprint Announces Nexus S 4G for May 8th”

  1. Mike

    Better check the specsHumberto, I’m 99.999% sure that there isn’t a microSD slot on the Nexus S.

  2. F1

  3. ray

    this phone is a fail. I was hoping for something leading edge.

  4. F1

    No MicroSD and lack of a matt black finish, is a no go for me either.

    For privacy reasons, it would have been prefered, had it only had one or two GB on board and a removable MicroSD, too bad, this could have been my new Sprint account saving device.

    On another note, given VZW’s 4G LTE outage, VZW is experiencing it’s first GSM style outage, CDMA is still the most reliable network option after the outgoing iDEN.

    Thank You

  5. DP

    As per usual, no matter what Sprint does or releases there will be someone who isn’t satisfied. Oh well…

    You’re welcome