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9 responses to “Sprint Announces Samsung Epic 4G Android Smartphone”

  1. Nanfy

    What about gingerbread coming out this fall? The nexus one is sure to get it.

  2. ray

    Samsung promised their other android phone would get updated to 2.x and now they broke that promise (different carrier). I won’t purchase a samsung phone or any of their products based on that. They lie, and in my opinion, cheat you and steal from you. So blank Samsung.

  3. bottomline

    U people r amazing……. What a miserable existence.

  4. F1

    It is called, “once bitten twice shy”, an understandable emotion given ones experience, it is natural even healthy to be a little skeptical over being gullible and naive, buying into false promises!

    That said, I am curious on the aesthetics of the device, hope it follows the trend of metal over shiny plastics, otherwise it seems, like quite a “promising” natural choice for many.

    Thank You

  5. F1

    What I do not agree with, is when an as of yet to be released phone, rather then having the the latest OS that is out i.e the 2.2, they opt to release an older OS 2.1 version, hence Gingerbread, would indeed be out of question.

    They tease the consumer with the”upcoming”show, and deliver the old model OS, all that, on the eve of the latest “Gingerbread OS”, my advice, is to wait until, they put their money where their mouth is, that is after the OTA is applied,before it lands on the store shelves, hence no ugly surprises with compatibility issues, later on!

    Thank You

  6. Ashley

    Ray are you talking about the samsung eternity? I liked it just fine but I wished it had gotten an update. Not once did it ever get one. I will never go back to that carrier because of the price of their plans. I have sprint and get everything for one low price. I also don’t think I will ever get another samsung phone again because that phone could have been so much better. I have a pre now. But I want the new 4G phone but think I should wait cause others will come out.

  7. Christopher Price

    F1, just because a phone ships with Android 2.1 does not mean it won’t be upgraded to Android 3.0.

    The myTouch 3G shipped with Android 1.5/1.6, got updated to Android 2.1, and is being upgraded to Android 2.2.

    Ashley, I think Ray was referring to the Behold II, which Samsung promised would be upgraded to Android 2.0. However, they later backed down and refused to upgrade the device beyond Android 1.6.

  8. F1

    @ Chris

    I agree on T-Mobile, they have been very good about updating, case and point the original G1, hence my serious consideration on signing up with, as an alternative secondary carrier;
    however my experience with SPRINT is very different, they have promised the world in the past, at least at store level, only to repeatedly fail on delivery.

    Thank You

  9. F1