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6 responses to “Sprint Announces Samsung Intercept for July 11th”

  1. Nate the Great

    When the hell are they gonna come out with the Samsung Epic 4G?!?!?
    this whole waiting thing is pissin me off. lol
    when someone finds out the release date for the Epic PLEASE let me know ASAP! lol

    …P L E A S E!!!!!! before i lose my mind waiting . lol

  2. the man

    Middle of August

  3. Larry

    According to this site with the Intercept’s full specs, its screen is only 240×400, which is a major downgrade from the Moment’s 320×480:

  4. Larry

    Other downgrades:

    1) All sources report that the Intercept supports only the obsolete, slower EVDO rev0, not the current revA.

    2) All sources report that the Intercept has no camera flash.

  5. Duker

    only rev 0???? that is very surprising, this must be a very low end product.

  6. Larry

    A video review by Mobile Tech Review illustrates that:
    1) Sprint TV is unwatchable on the rev 0 of the Intercept.
    2) YouTube is unwatchable except in low-quality mode on the rev 0 of the Intercept.

    The reviewer also comments that some apps included with the Intercept don’t display properly on the 240×400 screen.