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4 responses to “Sprint Aware of Sprint iPhone 4S Data Issues, Admits Lack of Short-Term Fix”

  1. allen

    as of the release of 5.0.1 beta 2 (released today) it sure hasn’t addressed it on any level, the only thing thats going to fix it, is sprint getting off their rear ends and getting their backhaul issues fixed.

  2. Jail Bird

    I really don’t think the problem is with the iPhone itself. 3G on my Android has been crawling recently. The WiMAX speeds seem to be better, which makes me wonder if it’s not the backhaul, but the EV-DO spectrum.

    Come on 1x Advanced!

  3. Aaron

    The network is the problem. If you don’t have the money to upkeep a sports car don’t buy one then. I have the Epic 4g and the 3g data speeds and whenever the 4g decides to connect the internet is still slow. My brother has a piece of junk Cricket and his internet is faster than Sprints.They took away all the discounts and the customer loyalty offers so I don’t know how they intend to keep the customers they got with a poor network and over priced phones that never get updated when promised.

  4. Hpradford

    this is why not only do i work for VERIZON but it is the only Network that i trust and will trust!!!