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34 responses to “Sprint Bans Smartphones, PDAs from SERO Plans (Updated Twice)”

  1. Scott

    what the hell is sprint doing.

    They are gonna die over this one. This is bull!!!!!

  2. User

    R.I.P… Sprint…

  3. Scott

    Why are they doing this.

    is george bush making the decisions. I have never seen a company that sets itself up for defeat
    when they have things in place to be number 1.


    Looks like verizon is gonna be in my future.

    Cool thing is its a material change meaning we could cancel without and etf, anytime we want.
    tommorrow. next month, month after.

  4. Jeff

    I’m glad to see Sprint working to keep only the “best” customers. More customers doesn’t equal a better business.

  5. Don Louie the 2nd

    The free ride is over at Sprint. Get used to it

  6. Manny

    Hey Christopher,

    I have been a long time reader, since the days of, back then it was informative and provided excellent insight and although you didn’t always agree with Sprint your posts reflected a news reporter attitude. Those days are gone, every time you mention Sprint nowadays it is loaded with some kind of resentment, did they hurt you that bad?

    Regarding the “article” SERO was created as an employee benefit, if you were not really referred to it by an employee you have no business having one. Employee benefits change all the time and this one is changing. SERO is not attractive to savvy customers (savvy customers are willing to pay for what they want/need), it is attractive to freeloaders and those days are over.

  7. Al

    don’t believe everything you read in a blog. check the facts. I see nothing in the SERO plan and store preventing PDA purchases or use. i do hear the Instinct is hard to keep in stock because it is so popular to the iPhone.

  8. sprintspeed84

    How is this a material change? I dont see how this counts as an ETF waiver. I am going to clarify the policy at work regarding SERO PDAs and Blackberries on the everything plans.

  9. Employee1

    I am a Sprint employee and have been for many years. I have yet to find any info on this nor as anything been provided to us in advance as you stated had been. I hope you did some fact checking.

  10. Manny

    Christopher is officially the Paul Thurrot of Sprint. I am sure many mac users will understand.

  11. tbagz

    Seriously what do you have against Sprint?! This is a joke, I used to browse this site daily, now it’s just lame and bais. What are you saying that sero customers are the onnly savvy customers?

  12. Another Employee

    I am on the SERO site right now and am able to get a new line of service with a Centro, BlackBerry Perl, 8830, 8703e, 8330, 7100i, Samsung ACE, Tero 700wx, 755p, Moto i920, HTC Touch, and the Mogul all on the $30 plan.

    I can also purchase an Instinct through SERO, but just like for non-SERO customers the Instinct is only available on cretin plans.

    I think that anyone that goes to will see that this article is questionable since 2/3 of the phones on the main page are PDA/Smart Phones.

  13. protocol

    Again… I see the non sero sprint customers upset that they pay more… lol

  14. scott

    yea chris if you are stirring up trouble and this is a lie. its not right. you have seen sprint employees tell you its not true. what the hell

  15. Jason G

    So let me get this straight:

    1) Sprint stopped letting PDAs on SERO Yesterday
    2) You guys found out and covered it
    3) And now today SERO is letting PDAs on again

    Wow, must be fun to cover all this. Want some free migraine pills?

  16. Ryan

    This is a pretty serious matter for thousands of customers for a someone to be making statements like this without any backup or supporting evidence. I called Sprint customer service, spoke to a level 2 rep, retentions supervisor, and basically yelled for no reason because they all assured me that no such action will be taking place. I’m not saying I don’t believe you man because you very well may have a great source, but thus far it doesn’t seem like anything is going to happen. AND, for those of you out there saying that people with SERO plans are cheating the system by getting an employee plan when they’re not employees…Sprint themselves made this plan available to the public to boost their sales..all you had to do was type in “” and viola you now have an employee plan.

  17. ryan rydell

    don’t worry chris…not everyone thinks you ar crazy. i understand exactly what you covered, why you covered it, and why it was updated….i also know that you will have another report on it when you have more solid and sustainable information to report.

    its just a shame that there are people out there taking out their own missunderstandings on you. shame.

  18. ryan rydell

    ya know, it may have simply been a glitch…or as you said, a trial of some sort.

  19. Marlene

    Sprint has had a history of erratic decision making. I do believe that they will flip back and forth on the Instinct/PDA situation. On the main sprint site yesterdat 7/1, if you tried to order a Centro(Yes I tried), it only allowed you to select from the 3 SE plans.

  20. Jaz

    All you people that have only negative things to say just shut it. Christopher Price is just the messenger. This site is called and he is relaying the News about phones. In this case about sprint. If you don’t like what your reading then go somewhere else. If something is said and then it turns out it was incorrect then you correct it. That is why there are updates. The cell phone industry is changing on an hourly basis. Unless you have your own news site to post your own research on then don’t talk all this crap. All you haters just go somewhere else if you don’t like what your reading. All the news is not always going to be what you like it to be.

  21. Jaz

    Those people that say that people with Sero plan aren’t savvy you must be living in your little world. The unsavvy people are those who are willing to pay an arm and leg for services that sprint is clearly offering at a different better price. You just have to work differently to get. So for those who want to pay sprint hundreds of dollars for a service they can get cheaper than go ahead. I’ll be more than happy to get the Sero plan myself and use the savings for Gas.

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  23. Don Louie

    Don the 2nd is almost echoing my feelings, I think it would be dumb to disallow smartphones with SERO but I do think those plans were too good to be that cheap, an equivalent plan on Sprint or any other carrier would be up to 2 1/2 times more. The few that have it will still be getting over

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  25. Don Louie

    The SERO get the most for the least and seem to always have something to complain about. Get over yourselves

  26. Seroboi

    I will switch to verizon right away if sprint cancell my SERO plan. The only reason I stay with this carrier is because of this cheap ZERO data plan. BTW, Verizon has better reception too!

  27. Sprint Pulls the Plug on SERO, Launches Everything Plus |

    […] this was significantly cheaper than other carrier’s data-only offerings. Sprint was criticized recently for attempting to dissuade such users from using these plans, and instead force them […]

  28. Jennifer

    I just had to stop and take the time to defend everything you are saying. I am a long term sprint customer who has been abused over the years by this company. I wish I had back the HOURS of my life I spent dealing with sprint customer service reps who always assure me whatever problem I have is taken care of, only to call back the next day to find out I need to fix it all over again. I have the sprint sero plan and I say I deserve it for the poor service I get all the time. I was told first hand by a sprint customer service rep when my phone broke and I was going to purchase a new one, that I would have to switch my service to a minimum of 69.99 a month to get any pda style phone. Of course I didn’t because I refuse to pay that much. For all the people saying we are ripping off Sprint I say phooey! The prices of these plans are absolutely ridiculous. This is the only plan that we are getting what we pay for. Oh, and trust me Sprint makes back it’s money. How about the scam of an insurance program they have. You can only put insurance on the phone when you first activate it. You continue to pay each month and then are still forced to pay $50 for a new phone anyway. (BTW, heads up for the guys…don’t put your phone in your pocket on hot days…if you sweat a little it sets off a litmus strip to say your phone has water damage and then they won’t even give you a new phone for $50) Summing up…I would switch in a heartbeat to any other company but that sero plan keeps around. I take advantage of it and are proud of it!!!!!!

  29. kylie

    NOT TRUE…I just called Sprint Sero employee customer service…You CAN keep SERO and get a blackberry, treo, etc
    You just cannot get the instict, Android, Pre, or pixie.
    Of course you have to add the blackberry plan to SERO if you want a blackberry…which is 10.00

  30. supson

    I have the SERO plan as well and have been stuck with the MotoQ for years. I was wondering if you could buy a pda off ebay or something and activate it on Sprint’s website w/out upgrading your plan?