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4 responses to “Sprint Confirms BlackBerry OS 5 Update for Nextel BlackBerry Curve 8350i”

  1. Dpcret

    Yea…. About the time 6.0 is becoming the standard, we should get 5.0. If at all…

  2. iDENologist

    Hey Phone News, you guys know what else Sprint Nextel’s iDEN network will bring together with OS 5 for the BB 8350i? Will Sprint implement true MO-SMS for threaded text messaging? Is Sprint exapanding iDEN coverage nationwide? What about data speed? Also, will motorola enable the new upgraded feature of switching between a DC call and an interconnect phone call with a push of a button like the i890 and i1?

  3. Christopher Price

    Can’t speak on the update itself, but in terms of the network I seriously doubt iDEN will see any significant expansion from where it is at.

    In the past there has been the notion that iDEN could be paired with WiMAX in order to keep Nextel customers, but that plan relies more on quick WiMAX expansion, rather than iDEN expansion. With the complexities in iDEN rebanding, combined with Sprint’s focus on securing 3G customers… I don’t think it would be a good idea to expand iDEN any further.

    As to i890 and i1 upgrades, it’s more possible. But, with the i897 already surfacing, I’m not so sure the i890 will have a long life. The i1 on the other hand may live for a very long time with progressive Android updates. If I had to place bets on a new Nextel feature being in a phone, that would be the one to get them.

  4. Sam Shadowen

    Any word on the update yet? It’s June 2nd and I’ve heard nothing! All I need is to have this phone fixed and hopefully the update will do that! This cell constantly re-boots itself. Constantly!!! I went back to 4.6 and it still does the same thing. I can’t use it for what I’m supposed to and thats work! I’ve removed every app from it so it’s technically not even a bb now, it’s just a phone that re-boots itself and constantly has a clock running on it, so it’s pretty much useless!!!1