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6 responses to “Sprint Confirms December 8th HTC HD7 Pro Pre-Order for Microsoft Employees”

  1. bottomline

    I have a very important question. Does anyone know if the HTC 7 Pro phone will be compatible with Free& Clear plans??? Or will it require a simply everything plan?? I currently use an HTC TP2 which is Free & Clear compatible, I dont see why the HTC 7 Pro(which is also a windows mobile phone) wouldnt be??

  2. Nanfy

    You can bet your money that it will require a simply everything plan Or a SERO premium plan.

    The bigger question is will it require the 10 dollar “premium” data plan.

  3. bottomline

    At this point, I dont care if it requires the $10 “premium” data plan… As long as its’ compatible with a Free & Clear plan! Honestly, I dont see why it wouldnt be??!! They’re both windows mobile phones!

  4. JJ

    I spoke with a rep from sprint that works out of an administration building and he said that as long as a windows phone doesn’t have 4g the regular sero plan will work. No need to pay the extra $10. Don’t know how true that is but if it is then that is good news.

  5. jn

    I am highly upset that sprint keeps pushing back the date for the hd7 pro and I am seriously considering switching carriers. This dec 8th thing makes no sense why is it avail for everyone else and once again sprint is last.

  6. kay

    Just found at that all sprint customers that have smart phones, including touch pro and blackberry will be paying an additional $10.00 a month regardless if they have 4 g or not. A letter will be sent soon…