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3 responses to “Sprint Confirms ETF Out for Mobile Broadband Changes”

  1. Matt

    How long till handsets you guess?

  2. Ray

    Um, if sprints customers rarely ever go over that amount, what is the benifit of making the changes and losing customers and limited them so they NEVER go over when NEEDED.

    ah, that’s it, it’s BS….just another way to nickel and dime everyone.

    I sure hope T-Mobile can stay around and give choices as opposed to the Tri-Noply that only gives a choice of which company we want to raise our prices and take away usage. Less for More.


    Less for More Wireless Company! We give you LESS for MORE!!

  3. Jeff

    The deal with Sprint is this. If you want out of your contract, you have to insist that this is the only reason you are leaving. If you give any other reason, they will deny you. Don’t give them a 2nd reason or hint that another thing is bothering you. Be firm in your stance that this change is the only reason.